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ecoMAILZ - Renew Update Term

ecoMAILZ is a software for automatic and legally compliant email archiving. With the introduction of ecoMAILZ, users can archive all new and existing emails including attachments securely and directly from the email server.
  • To activate the extended license scope, you must reactivate your license. Refer to the manual to learn more about activating your license.
ecoMAILZ Version:

ecoMAILZ Update Period: Please select the period over which you want to subscribe to software updates for the selected license.

Please enter your current licence number. The selected product will be associated with this licence number and the programme version.
Our optional support packages will give you direct support from the manufacturer.
  • Mini Support (41.18 EUR) (Brutto: 47.77 EUR)
  • Quick Support (15.97 EUR) (Brutto: 18.53 EUR)
  • Bronze Support (100.00 EUR) (Brutto: 116.00 EUR)
  • Silber Support (167.23 EUR) (Brutto: 193.99 EUR)
  • Gold Support (352.00 EUR) (Brutto: 408.32 EUR)
  • Premium Support (831.93 EUR) (Brutto: 965.04 EUR)
  • Kein Support (0.00 EUR) (Brutto: 0.00 EUR)
* Required
Price: 49.58 EUR (Brutto: 57.51 EUR) / Users
1 X 49.58 EUR(Brutto: 57.51 EUR)
Mini Support [ecoDMS-SER-ECO-002]: 41.18 EUR(Brutto: 47.77 EUR)
16 % TAX
License Information:
  • You can renew your term for another 2 or 4 years within a 3-month grace period following the expiry of the current update term.
  • You will be issued with a new license including the currently configured LLG when you renew the license
  • You can purchase a license renewal 1x per license. As you are issued with a new license with the renewal you can renew this license again as required.
Price Information:
  • As a default; the shop displays the current list price. The actual license fee that applies to you is automatically determined and displayed according to the lifetime license fee guarantee in our database after you have entered your license number.
  • When the 3-month grace period has expired the update cycle and the LLG for this license will lapse. You will need to purchase a new first license to purchase new updates.
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