E-Mail Archiving
Two-step, revision-secure and legally compliant email archive.
ecomailzecoMAILZ is the perfect solution for legally compliant and audit-proof e-mail archiving.
2017's motto is "secure and legally compliant email archiving". Lean back and relax. As of summer 2017, you will be able to comply with all requirements with ecoMAILZ.
The two-step archiving concept opens up entirely new options for email archiving and securing privacy.
With ecoMAILZ you can securely archive your e-mails and quickly retrieve them. Convince yourself of the functionality of this email archiving software.
Legally compliant email archiving without thinking about it. ecoMAILZ does all the work in the background for you and gives you security.
The ecoMAILZ licensing model is fair and real value for money. Licence ecoMAILZ according to your requirements for a one-time payment of 49.00 Euro incl. 19% VAT per user.
An ecoMAILZ version can always be used without limitation even after a lifecylce has ended.
ecoMAILZ is based on a modern, cross-platform container storage system.
Hier können Sie erste Beispiel-Bilder und Ausschnitte der im Sommer 2017 erscheinenden ecoMAILZ Version ansehen.
Unsere PDF Handbücher erklären Ihnen die ecoMAILZ E-Mail Archivierung detailliert und verständlich.
Die ecoMAILZ E-Mail Archivierung wird stetig weiterentwickelt und an die Wünsche der Nutzer angepasst.
Hier können Sie bald die offiziellen Lizenzbestimmungen der ecoMAILZ Software nachlesen.