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Workshop: Customised Company Training Productcode: ecoDMS-WEB-ONL-WEF

Workshop: Customised Company Training

Are you interested in customised training for your company?

This interactive online workshop covers topics relating to the desired software (e.g. ecoDMS, ecoMAILZ, ecoWORKZ...) that are individually tailored to the company and explain how to optimise work processes.
  • In approx. 240 minutes, we explain the contents agreed with you beforehand using instructive theoretical and practical examples.
  • The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 8 so we can respond specifically to your needs.
  • The target group includes, for example, users working with and archiving documents who want to build a deep understanding of how to apply our software:
    • Office management staff
    •  Administrative staff
    • Specialists and managers
    • Managing directors...
  • All participants can interactively contribute to the training and talk, chat and see each other via video during the workshop.
  • ecoDMS GmbH provides a virtual seminar room to enable communication.
  • On request, a virtual test environment (VM = virtual machine) can be made available to each participant to simulate the test content.
  • We offer this 4-hour workshop for € 1,200 net (plus VAT) for 4 participants.
  • The specific number of people and duration can be adjusted on request.
We would be pleased to make an offer for a customised workshop.
Request Quote Privacy Notes Legal Notes
1200.00 EUR net
1428.00 EUR gross
gross incl. 19 % TAX
Technical Requirements and Details (Event):
  • Stable internet connection (online event)
  • PC or laptop
  • Current web browser (Chrome - Edge - Opera)
  • Loudspeakers or headphones
  • Microphone (e.g. on your laptop or headset)
  • Webcam or laptop camera
  • 2 monitors (recommended)
  • Remote desktop protocol (RDP) support: Enables display and control of the screen content of a remote computer. Your system environment must support RDP to access the training VMs.
  • Conference tool: Microsoft Teams meeting (installation of this software recommended. You can also participate via session link in a browser)
This article will be available for purchase soon.
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