• <img style="width: 40px; height: 40px; margin-right: 10px;" src="/images/logos/icon/ecodms-archiv.png" alt="ecodms" /> ecoDMS: Document Management System

    ecodms ecoDMS: Document Management System

    Auditing-compliant archiving

    Use ecoDMS to easily archive, manage, and find all documents on your PC or from your smart phone and tablet. The software offers a large range of functions like automatic document archiving and backup, filters and search functions (incl. full-text search), export, version management, and much more.

    Details Advert Spot Free Live Demo 89,-

    One-time purchasing price per concurrent connection, incl. 19% VAT

  • <img style="width: 40px; height: 40px; margin-right: 10px;" src="/images/logos/icon/ecoworkz.png" alt="ecoworkz" />ecoWORKZ: Automating Processes in ecoDMS

    ecoworkzecoWORKZ: Automating Processes in ecoDMS

    Video chat and smart workflows for ecoDMS

    ecoWORKZ extends your ecoDMS with the following features: Video chat, automatic file and email import directly to ecoDMS, smart workflows for document acknowledgement and approval, and the option of printing a digital stamp on documents.

    Details Video Tutorials Free Live Demo 99,-

    One-time purchasing price per ecoDMS license number, incl. 19% VAT

  • <img style="width: 40px; height: 40px; margin-right: 10px;" src="/images/logos/icon/ecomailz.png" alt="ecomailz" />ecoMAILZ: Automatic Email Archiving

    ecomailzecoMAILZ: Automatic Email Archiving

    Legally compliant email archiving

    ecoMAILZ automatically archives all incoming and outgoing emails including their attachments upon arrival on the mail server. On your PC, smart phone and tablet you have quick access to all emails.

    Details Video Tutorials Free trial 59,-

    One-time purchasing price per user with a 24-month update period, incl. 19% VAT

  • <img style="width: 40px; height: 40px; margin-right: 10px;" src="/images/logos/icon/ecoworkflow.png" alt="ecoworkflow" />ecoWorkflow: Automating Business Processes

    ecoworkflowecoWorkflow: Automating Business Processes

    Process automation workflow

    With ecoWorkflow we automate and optimise your document processes. You can automate all processes quickly and easily without requiring programming knowledge. The software allows simple graphic modelling and individual configuration of the associated user interfaces.



The Biggest Advantages at a Glance

You can use our software to digitize, archive and manage all types of documents. At the same time, you automate and optimize your document processes. This facilitates your daily chores, saves a lot of time and money, and breathes some fresh air into your office. Our unique and fair value-for-money, the simple operation and flexible usage make ecoDMS products accessible to everyone.

All files

Whether you have emails, invoices, agreements, music, videos or drawings. For example, use ecoDMS to archive all files in one system.

Auditing Compliance

Our archiving systems are legally compliant and fulfil the requirements of the Generally Accepted Principles of Computerised Accounting Systems in Germany and the GDPR.

Optional prepaid support

Support straight from the manufacturer: Book the support you need. Moreover, we offer free manuals and instructive videos.

Unlimited storage

The memory is technically unlimited and depends on the size of your hard disk. No document limitation.

Access from everywhere

Unlimited access from your PC, laptop, smart phone and tablet. Without cloud.

Fair pricing

Fair value for money for software and support and the lifetime license-fee guarantee are the key to our success.

Free Video Tutorials

Our instructive short films present our software and its features. You can view the free videos in our official ecoDMS YouTube channel. The following gives an overview of the available video categories. Click the topic to see the playlist on YouTube.
Document Management System
We show how to set up ecoDMS and how to scan, archive, manage and quickly retrieve all your documents.
Automating processes in ecoDMS
We show how to use ecoDMS to communicate via video chat and automate recurring processes.
Automatic email archiving
Get to know our email archive and its features for automatic archiving of all your emails.

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Thousands of Satisfied Customers

ecoDMS is proud to have a satisfied and continually growing customer base. The best proof for our expertise are our customer and reference projects. Below, you can see a small extract of our references. Click the “Customer Feedback” button to read the full list of references.

Resellers in Your Area

You would like us to provide on-site consulting in person or require support for installation, setup and maintenance of your ecoDMS products, or even training? Then our certified premium resellers are just the right people to talk to. Find an official ecoDMS reseller in your area here.

Latest News-Blog

Read current news, important information on software updates and the latest press releases from ecoDMS GmbH.
Insbesondere kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen scheuen die Investition in ein Dokumenten-Management-System (DMS). Sie fürchten oft hohe Investitionen für Lizenzgebühren, Consulting und zahlreiche Schulungs-Sessions, deren Return on Investment (ROI) kaum bestimmbar scheint.
Das Thunderbird Addon von ecoDMS Version 18.09 (apu) hat ein Update erhalten. Dies Version 3.0.2 ist nun auch kompatibel mit Thunderbird 78.5.0. 
Die WS-Informatik GmbH & Co. KG hat in Kooperation mit der Neumeier AG eine Schnittstelle geschaffen, die das Dokumenten-Management-System ecoDMS vollständig in die ERP-Lösungen SAP Business One und Systemhaus One integriert.
Zum Dokumenten-Management-System ecoDMS bietet die ecoDMS GmbH 45-minütige Web-Trainings und mehrstündige, interaktive Web-Workshops an.
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