Automating Work Processes

Efficient Automation of Business Processes with Our Open Workflow System

ecoWorkflow offers a number of benefits for businesses, among which are:
  • User-friendliness: Automate all business process without programming knowledge
  • Efficiency improvement: Higher productivity through automation of routine tasks
  • Improved transparency: Clear visibility on progress and status of tasks
  • Customizable: Graphic modeling with customized configuration
  • Future-proofness: Flexibility and scalability for future requirements
from EUR 360.00 net
  • per month
  • plus service costs
  • ecoDMS ONE required as base application
  • exclusively for business customers
  • activated for all users

What is ecoWorkflow?

ecoWorkflow is an innovative workflow software that enables companies to automate, optimize, and monitor their work processes to increase efficiency and improve productivity. The open workflow system offers a flexible and adaptable platform that can be customized for the specific requirements of a business.

ecoWorkflow enables businesses to model their business processes and customize the associated user interfaces. No programming knowledge is required.

The state-of-the-art technology of ecoWorkflow enables quick installation and particularly easy configuration of the entire workflow environment. Users can log in directly through their web browser and start working. Using the web client, you can initiate processes, set up shares or delegate tasks.
  • We take a close look at your processes and reveal potential for optimisation. In a workshop, we will develop efficient processes together for your company.
  • You would like to model your processes yourself? No problem, we offer training on how to use ecoWorkflow's user-friendly Modeler so you can learn how to model and automate your processes.
  • Of course, we can also design customised processes for your company and include your requirements.
Simply contact us and submit a request.

Our user-friendly ecoWorkflow Modeler helps you customize workflows that realistically map your company's internal processes. Modeling is as simple as using a digital construction kit. You create your processes using drag and drop without requiring programming knowledge. The user-friendly interface allows you to create processes within minutes with BPMN icons, which are part of the graphic specification language in process management. Following the training sessions with our specialists, you take control of modeling your own processes.

With ecoWorkflow you are always up-to-date and know exactly what you need to do. The system informs you about important processes and tasks through emails and displays a clear task list in the user interface. Receive automated emails with information about new tasks, and maintain control over your current business processes. With just a few clicks, you can search for and find processes and tasks in the ecoWorkflow web client and work on them. The convenient overview displays all your personal tasks at a glance. With ecoWorkflow you will never miss an important task and will complete your work processes efficiently and in time.

Feature Scope

Discover the large scope of features ecoWorkflow offers and automate your work processes efficiently and user-friendly.
Simply click the caption to display more details and screen shots of the feature.

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Approval of incoming invoices in companies as a practical application example

Companies can formally verify incoming invoices and then pass the invoice on to the next employee in the process. For example, the system can output the invoice number, the invoice date and the invoice amount to the user for processing. Additional files or further parameters for invoice processing can also be included if necessary.

The processes can be customized to meet a company’s needs. For example, invoices can be retrieved automatically from a folder or email account. ecoWorkflow then transfers the invoices to the responsible employees for checking, approval, booking entry or cancellation.

To ensure timely processing, ecoWorkflow has a reminder function. This can ensure, among others, that cash discounts for payable incoming invoices are taken advantage of.

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ecoWorkflow System Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements for hardware and operating system, which must be fulfilled to install and run the software. Only if these requirements are fulfilled, you will be able to run the workflow system.

+-ecoWorkflow Server

Windows 10
Windows Server 2019, 2016
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)

64 bit

mind. 2 CPU Cores oder mind. 2 Prozessoren

mind. 4 GB

ca. 500 MB für die Komponente zzgl. Datenspeicher

Virtuelle Maschine (VM)
Sollte eine virtuelle Maschine eingesetzt werden, muss es sich hierbei unbedingt um eine Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM) handeln. Es werden keine PV unterstützt (Paravirtualization).

+-ecoWorkflow Webclient

Unterstützte Browser
Google Chrome: ab Version 59
Firefox: ab Version 54
Safari: ab Version 10.1.1
Microsoft Edge: ab Version 40.15063.0.0

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