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Commissioned Processing Support for and Maintenance of IT Software Systems

We are known to offer our customers a remote maintenance option for service and support. This allows us to quickly address existing issues and directly gather all necessary information for resolving the issue and/or provide any service, support and training services required by the customer.

The support employee of ecoDMS offering remote support is able to switch over to the customer's system and control it using the remote window and work jointly with the customer to resolve the issue. Reciprocally the ecoDMS can also allow the customer to take a look into their system. This is often the case with training sessions or presentations.

To receive such services, the customer must allow access for ecoDMS via the "Team Viewer" tool. The tool is available for download here:

Download Team Viewer (ecoDMS)

To run Team Viewer the guest needs the "Team Viewer Quick Support" tool. To establish the connection the customer communicates ecoDMS the required Session ID. For Team Viewer the system requirements and instructions of the producer shall apply.

By requesting and accepting a "Remote support" session the customer assumes the responsibility for any modifications made to his existing software and his system environment. If the customer / user is not the owner of the computer concerned, the customer / user is recommended to acquire the necessary authorization from the responsible IT-administrator.

ecoDMS employees shall under no circumstances make any changes to the operating system and security settings without the express consent of the customer. The customer can follow all interventions step by step and the customer can prevent these if needed.

ecoDMS recommends that customers close all applications that may contain personal or confidential information, before they request and accept remote maintenance sessions.

However, even if the above recommendations are complied with, remote maintenance still offers the possibility that the customer's personal data or personal data stored on the system affected by the remote maintenance can be accessed at least theoretically, or that personal data may even need to be accessed in order to carry out maintenance.

In order to comply with the data protection regulations resulting thereof, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation, it is compulsory to make a separate agreement on contract data processing when purchasing a support package. This agreement can be viewed in the following PDF file.

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ecoDMS and their employees cannot accept any liability for any malfunctions or loss of data not caused by them, during the remote maintenance session, even if these happen to occur immediately after support his provided. In other respects, the statutory regulations of § 10 (see General Terms and Conditions, GTC) shall apply.

ecoDMS cannot guarantee that such a remote maintenance session will surely resolve the problem.

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