Software solutions for digital archiving

Digitalization, secure archiving, and process automation of documents and emails

  • Quick storage and retrieval of documents, data, and emails
  • Stress-free team collaboration from anywhere
  • Paperless, simple processes through digitalization and automation
  • Use cross-platform from your PC, smart phone, and tablet
  • The best value for money with no hidden costs
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Efficient Archiving and Workflow Automation for Companies and Private Individuals

In today’s digital world companies and private individuals are being confronted with an increasing number of documents. These documents need to be archived and managed efficiently to keep an overview and fulfil compliance requirements.

ecoDMS GmbH from Aachen is an innovative company specializing on high quality software solutions for document management, archiving, and workflow. The solutions from ecoDMS are designed for small, mid-sized, and large companies, as well as for private individuals. ecoDMS offers a comprehensive solution for efficient archiving and workflow automation.

The solutions of ecoDMS are flexible, scalable, and can be customized to fulfil the requirements of a large variety of customers.

Digitalize, Archive, Manage, and Find All Documents

Efficiently archive, organize, and retrieve your documents with our ecoDMS document management system. Whether you have invoices, contracts, delivery notes, or warranties - ecoDMS enables seamless digitalization, structured management, and easy sharing of all important documents. Use either the user-friendly desktop application or the web client to access your documents from anywhere at any time. Whether you are in the office, at home, or on the road.

Automatic Archiving of Emails and Attachments

ecoMAILZ is a software for automatic archiving of emails and attachments. The software is suitable for companies and private users and complies with legal requirements, including the GDPR. With ecoMAILZ, incoming and outgoing messages are automatically archived from a freely selectable point in time. Thanks to the web-based client, your archived emails can be accessed from anywhere and from any platform.

Easy and Simple Business Process Automation

ecoWorkflow is a software for easy business process automation. It is simple to operate, like a digital kit. You can easily automate all kinds of processes without programming skills and save time, money, and resources. The open workflow system offers a flexible platform which can be customized to meet company requirements.

Our portfolio for corporations and private individuals

Whether you are a corporation, a small to medium organization, or a private individual - we have the perfect software solution for you!

Document Management


Simple, efficient, and secure - Use ecoDMS to securely archive, intelligently manage and perfectly organize all documents like invoices, agreements, receipts, letters, emails, images, etc. and save important time and money. The powerful software optimizes document processes and offers a quick and simple search feature to enable everyone to find their information in a matter of seconds.
  • Central Archiving of All
    Documents, Emails, Files, and Data
  • Quick and Simple Search: Quickly find all documents
  • User Friendly: Easy to Use
  • Compliance: Ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity + Availability
  • Desktop + Mobile Access From Anywhere
  • Cross-Platform Application: Windows, Linux, NAS, MacOS
from EUR 89.00 incl. 19% VAT
  • per concurrent connection
  • one-time purchasing price
  • Choose from Private + Business editions
Email Archiving


ecoMAILZ automatically archives all incoming and outgoing emails straight from the email server. You can then retrieve and read your emails from any device and location.
  • Automatic central email storage
    including attachments
  • Quick retrieval with text recognition
  • Compliance: Ensuring confidentiality, integrity + availability
  • Webclient: Mobile access from everywhere
  • Windows, Linux, NAS
only EUR 69.00 incl. 19% VAT
  • per user
  • one-time purchasing price
Full Package


The full package for businesses offers optimum planning security. ecoDMS ONE includes licenses, support, and software maintenance for ecoDMS with WORKZ add-on + API and for ecoMAILZ.
  • Guaranteed planning security
  • Full Package including
    ecoDMS with WORKZ add-on + API, and ecoMAILZ
  • Software maintenance
  • Manufacturer support
  • Updates for all included software applications
from EUR 250.00 net
  • one-time license fee
  • plus annual software maintenance (EUR 25.00 net)
  • plus annual support (EUR 25.00 net)
  • per concurrent connection
Automating Business Processes


Automating processes has never been so easy, time-saving, and cost-effective. ecoWorkflow always gives you an overview of all running processes. From incoming invoices or holiday applications to fully-automated processes, ecoWorkflow benefits from many implemented projects. This open workflow system enables you to automate and optimize all business processes without any programming knowledge.
  • Open, configurable workflow system
  • Business process automation
  • Excellent overview of all ongoing processes
  • Webclient: Mobile access from everywhere
  • Business-specific modelling & configuration
  • Integrate with any systems
  • No programming knowledge required
from EUR 360.00 net
  • per month
  • plus service costs
  • ecoDMS ONE required as base application
  • exclusively for business customers
  • activated for all users
Automating Processes in ecoDMS

WORKZ Add-on

WORKZ is a useful add-on for ecoDMS. It optimizes mainly recurring document management tasks in the ecoDMS document management system. It is therefore ideal for businesses that wish to automate minor document processes and import processes for emails and files in their daily work for little money.
  • Acknowledgement and approval of invoices, business analyses, etc
  • Email import to ecoDMS (automated)
  • File import to ecoDMS (automated)
  • Digital document stamps
  • ecoDMS integration (Add-on)
only EUR 4.17 incl. 19% VAT
  • per month (no subscription) per ecoDMS license number
  • Price based on ecoDMS update period
Programming Interface


The ecoDMS API of the ecoDMS document management system is a REST service interface which developers can use to develop their customizations or integrations.
  • REST service interface for developers
  • Integrate ecoDMS with third-party systems
    for example, CRM, merchandise management, etc.
  • Create customized function calls
  • Access basic DMS server features
  • Open API included in ecoDMS ONE
Price on Request
  • ecoDMS ONE required as base application


For our software we provide excellent service and support straight from the manufacturer via phone and email, including remote maintenance.
Expert support
straight from the manufacturer
  • Installation
  • Setup
  • Operation
  • Troubleshooting
from EUR 59.00 incl. 19% VAT
  • Price depends on support units
  • one-time purchasing price

Training Courses

Discover training courses straight from the manufacturer: Webinars, workshops, and presentations with practical tips about software topics, interactive workshops with valuable software knowledge, and free live demos for insights into our standard software.
Benefit from practical tips und valuable knowledge on how to use our software - straight from the manufacturer!
  • Webinars
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Presentations
from EUR 49,00 incl. 19% VAT
  • per training session
  • one-time purchasing price
Migration from Old Archive

Data Migration

We support you with the migration of your data for optimum document management in your company.
  • Perfect new start for your document management
  • Transfer existing data and information
  • Data migration from your old archive
  • Migrating documents,
    information and index data
from EUR 1,500.00 net
  • Price dependent on duration + scope
  • Pricing example for 2 days
  • exclusively for business customers
Analysis + Optimization

Business Process Analysis

Together with you we identify, assess, and optimize your business processes to achieve optimum business success.
  • Taking a closer look at business processes
  • Revealing optimization potential
  • Designing customized processes
    for your business
from EUR 3,000.00 net
  • Price dependent on duration + scope
  • Pricing example for 2 days
  • exclusively for business customers

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