WORKZ Add-on

Simplify Daily Office Chores

Let the WORKZ Add-on Do Your Routine Work for You

The WORKZ add-on adds smart processes to the ecoDMS document management system:
  • Acknowledgement and approval of invoices, business analyses, etc.
  • Email import to ecoDMS (automated)
  • File import to ecoDMS (automated)
  • Apply digital document stamps
  • Direct ecoDMS Integration (Add-on)
only EUR 3.50 net
  • per month (no subscription) per ecoDMS license number
  • Price based on ecoDMS update period

What is the WORKZ Add-on?

This is an ecoDMS add-on. It primarily optimizes recurring document management tasks in the ecoDMS document management system. It is therefore ideal for companies that wish to automate smaller document processes in their daily office routine for little money.

Optionally, a digital stamp documents directly on the document how the task was answered, by which user this process was executed and at what time the process occurred.

In addition, it automates document and file import from any folder in the file system straight to ecoDMS. The add-on imports the existing files from the specified folders in a configured interval.

It also automatically imports emails including attachments in a configured interval from a configured mailbox straight to the document management system. A typical example is a dedicated mailbox for incoming invoices. You can archive the incoming invoices in ecoDMS with the “Invoice” document type and the “To Do” status. As an option, the WORKZ add-on then automatically initiates the invoice approval process.

Document Acknowledgement and Approval Including Digital Stamps

Speed up the document acknowledgement and approval process in ecoDMS efficient and time-saving with the WORKZ add-on. With just a few mouse clicks, you can define processes and cut short routine tasks. For example, you can check invoices and approve them for booking, or let management review and approve business analyses or acknowledge contracts.

Add a personalized digital stamp, which includes all relevant information such as user, task status, and execution time, to your files during the process. With the stamp, WORKZ generates a new document version which is saved as an additional version in ecoDMS version control, while the original document retains its original form.

As soon as a document is classified according to the criteria (status and document type), ecoDMS automatically starts the appropriate workflow. The users responsible for the next step receive tasks such as acknowledging or approving files, which are presented in a clear overview and contain detailed information. As soon as all people involved have completed the process, ecoDMS updates the status accordingly.

Automating Email Import in ecoDMS

You can import emails and their attachments with the WORKZ add-on automatically in a configurable interval from a specified emailbox (IMPA) and archive them in an audit-proof version in the ecoDMS archive. Use customized settings and classification options to create a clear structure for your files. This will help you keep organized and give you access to your emails and their attachments, linked with the original messages, at any time.

If, for example, an emailbox is used as an incoming channel for invoices, the messages can be archived in ecoDMS with the attributions "Invoice" for document type and "To Do" for status. Then you can forward the invoices for acknowledgement and approval, for example, to the responsible staff member.

Automated Document Import from the File System

Automate the file import to your ecoDMS while keeping the original format. Configure the import interval according to your needs and let the WORKZ add-on automatically import the existing files from the folder you specify. The folder you select is in the same location where ecoDMS Server is installed.

Use the many classification options in ecoDMS by specifying status, document type, and target folder in advance. The WORKZ add-on automatically fills in the respective classification attributes to ensure a smooth archiving process.

Licensing Model

The licensing model for the WORKZ add-on is customer-friendly and transparent. The low purchasing price is fairly calculated by taking the update period into account.
  • The add-on is only only EUR 3.50 net per month (no subscription) per ecoDMS license number (Price based on ecoDMS update period) and includes all features for the license.
  • The number of payable months is calculated according to the (remaining) term of the update period of the ecoDMS license number.
  • The term of the add-on equals the (remaining) term of the update period of the license number at the time of the add-on purchase. Once the term has ended, the add-on is automatically deactivated.
  • You can extend the term of the WORKZ add-on any time: Customers can either purchase the add-on together with the extension of the update period of ecoDMS, or at a later date in the online shop.
  • If the number of users of the ecoDMS license increases, this automatically applies to the add-on without incurring additional fees.
Assuming you have a valid license number that is valid until March 20, 2025. Today, on April 3, 2023, you want to add the WORKZ add-on to the license. To calculate the price for the WORKZ add-on, you base the calculation on the remaining period of 24 months.

  • The price for the WORKZ add-on is 24 months x EUR 3.50 net = EUR 84.00 net.

Following the purchase, the add-on is active in ecoDMS for this license number until the end of the update period on March 20, 2025. To activate the add-on in ecoDMS, you need to deactivate and then reactivate the existing ecoDMS license in the Client.

WORKZ Add-on System Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements for hardware and operating system, which must be fulfilled to install and run the WORKZ Add-on.
  • The WORKZ add-on is based on the document management system ecoDMS (burns) Build 23.01 and later
  • The add-on is enabled following activation without requiring installation
  • The system requirements of the ecoDMS version apply
System Requirements

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