Auditing-Compliant Archiving

Digital archiving, distribution, management, and retrieval of documents with the world’s lowest priced archiving system

Use ecoDMS to easily archive, manage, and find all documents on your PC or from your smart phone and tablet. The software offers a large range of functions like automatic document archiving and backup, filters and search functions (incl. full-text search), export, version management, and much more. The lifetime license fee guarantee offers you a consistent and very fair license fee.
Document Management System
Audit-compliant, platform-independent software for archiving, managing and finding all documents and files.
  • All documents and files
    • Secure archiving
    • Easy management
    • Quick retrieval
  • Compliant with auditing standards (GoBD, DSGVO)
  • Windows, Linux, NAS, MacOS
  • PC, smart phone, tablet
only €   89,- (incl. 19% VAT)
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per concurrent connection
  • incl. 24 months update period

Document Management System - Details

Use this state-of-the-art software to quickly and easily archive, manage, and find all documents and information from your PC or from your smart phone and tablet.
ecoDMS offers full functionality at a low price. Practical, easy to understand functions and flexible settings are the software’s main features.
License ecoDMS for a one-time fee of € 89 incl. 19% VAT per concurrent connection with a 24-month update period. The lifetime license fee guarantee offers you a consistent and very fair license fee.
Legally compliant archiving according to the Generally Accepted Principles of Computerised Accounting Systems, GDPdU, and GDPR.
The ecoDMS archive is suitable for any company size and for all industries and can even be used in private households.

Technical system insights

Learn more about the system requirements and technical details for ecoDMS from build 21.02 here.
Install ecoDMS locally, in a network, as SaaS solution or on an NAS and access it platform and location independent via desktop and web client.

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ecoDMS is a cross-platform and fully scalable client-server system. The software is configurable and can be connected and extended with other components.
Automating processes in ecoDMS
Software for digital communication via video chat, automatic email and document import, and for automating recurring processes in ecoDMS.
  • Acknowledgement & Approval
    of documents like invoices, management analyses, etc
  • Video chat
    for document-based collaboration
  • File import to ecoDMS
  • Email import to ecoDMS
only €   99,- (incl. 19% VAT)
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per ecoDMS license number

Automatic email archiving
Automatic and legally compliant archiving of all inbound and outbound emails including attachments.
  • All emails and attachments
    • Automatic archiving
    • Quick retrieval
  • Mail inbox and mail outbox
  • Legally compliant (GoBD, DSGVO)
  • Windows, Linux, NAS
  • PC, smart phone, tablet
only €   59,- ( incl. 19% VAT)
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per user
  • incl. 24 months update period
Programming Interface
Programmers can use this interface to connect third-party systems to ecoDMS and to create customised functions.
  • Interface for programmers
  • Connects ecoDMS to third-party systems
    e.g. CRM, merchandise management, etc
  • API Rest Service
  • Create customized functions
  • Access basic DMS server functions
from €   0.42 (incl. 19% MwSt.)
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per monthly upload / download

Our specials exclusive to business clients

Thousands of small, medium and large companies from different industries and many more private users have long been convinced by the scalability, platform independence and value-for-money our software and services offer.
Comprehensive Solution
Das Komplettpaket bietet Firmen Planungssicherheit. Es enthält Lizenzen, Support und Softwarepflege für ecoDMS, ecoWORKZ, ecoMAILZ und ecoDMS API.
  • Guaranteed planning security for businesses
  • Comprehensive solution including
    ecoDMS, ecoWORKZ, ecoMAILZ, ecoDMS API
  • Software maintenance
  • Manufacturer support
  • Updates for all software programmes
only €   250,- (net)
  • one-time purchasing price per license plus annual software maintenance
  • Distribution through Sales Department
Automating All Processes
Open workflow system for optimising, customising and automating all business processes.
  • Open, customisable workflow System
  • Business process automation
  • Web-based and cross-platform
    for PC, smart phone, tablet
  • Customized modelling + configuration
  • Connects to all systems
ab €   108,- (net)
  • Price per month
  • Additional service costs
  • ecoDMS ONE is a prerequisite