Predefined Settings for ecoDMS

Settings for the initial installation with example structures as preassignment

For the initial installation of the document management system, ecoDMS Server offers the option to install with suitable predefined settings. These include

  • a small folder tree
  • selected document types
  • and appropriate classification attributes.

If you want to upload the predefined settings later, download the backup file available here. Predefined settings are available for businesses and private users.

Predefined Settings

Dowload free backup files with predefined settings for your first installation of ecoDMS that include example settings and structures for business and private customers.
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This is how it works:

Initial installation with predefined settings:

  • When installing a German language version of ecoDMS under Windows for the first time, you can select the predefined settings during installation.

Uploading predefined settings later using backup file:

  • Use the “oneClick Backup” programme to upload data backups and predefined settings with just a few mouse clicks to ecoDMS.
  • Download the predefined settings here and then select the file via “oneClick Backup” in the “Start Recovery” section.
  • This programme installs automatically when you install ecoDMS Server".

Important notes to observe before importing a predefined setting:

  • Importing the data backup irrevocably deletes the existing data store.
  • If you import a predefined setting, all settings and data previously in ecoDMS are lost.
  • Only use predefined settings if your ecoDMS is still pristine or you no longer need the settings and data you created.
  • Information about the demo version: The demo version is intended for the purpose of learning about an ecoDMS version. If you use a backup file, the 30-day test period ends immediately.
  • Information about the full version: If you have already activated ecoDMS with a licence for the full version, you must deactivate the licence first before importing the default settings. Then you can reactivate the licence.