Lifecycle and End of Support

Pay attention to security! Always use the latest version of our software.

Read here, when and how our software is no longer supported.
This page contains important lifecycle and end-of-support details for the individual software versions.


  • An ecoDMS version can always be used even after a lifecycle has ended.
  • At the end of the lifecycle, the respective software version will not be developed further and will no longer be supported.
  • Users have no right for rectification in case of incompatibility after the lifecycle has come to an end.

Rolling Releases

  • Since ecoDMS (burns), as for ecoMAILZ (donnie) we regularly provide software updates.
  • Updates include all feature extensions, security updates, and bug fixes.
  • They can be installed during the current update period of your license.


  • We value the security of your data and information.
  • With each update we optimize our software and incorporate the latest security standards.
  • We therefore recommend you always install the latest version of all software components.

Übersicht der einzelnen Versionen

End of Support
Version: burns
Products: ecoDMS, ecoDMS API, ecoDMS WORKZ Add-on
Start: 03.2021
End of Support: s. Update Period
Version: 18.09 (apu)
Products: ecoDMS, ecoDMS API, ecoWORKZ
Start: 10.2018
End of Support: 03.2023
Version: 16.09 (eleanor)
Products: ecoDMS, ecoDMS API
Start: 09.2016
End of Support: 03.2021
Version: 14.08 (krusty)
Products: ecoDMS, ecoDMS API
Start: 10.2014
End of Support: 10.2018
Version: 12.05 (brandine)
Products: ecoDMS, ecoDMS API
Start: 07.2012
End of Support: 09.2016
Version: 11.06 (cletus)
Products: ecoDMS
Start: 06.2011
End of Support: 09.2014
Version: 10.05 (uter)
Products: ecoDMS
Start: 06.2010
End of Support: 07.2012
Version: 1.1 (uter)
Products: ecoDMS
Start: 04.2009
End of Support: 06.2011
Version: 1.0 (barney)
Products: ecoDMS
Start: 11.2007
End of Support: 06.2010
End of Support
Version: donnie
Products: ecoMAILZ
Start: 07.2017
End of Support: s. Update Period
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