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Webinars, Workshops, and Presentations Straight from the Manufacturer

  • Practical tips in 60-minute webinars on selected software topics
  • Interactive, multi-hour workshops for valuable knowledge on software usage
  • Free 45-minute live demos with insights into our standard software
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Enhance Your Knowledge about Digitalization and Archiving

Take part in our webinars, where you will get practical tips on how to set up and operate our software. Our interactive workshops will show you how to get the best from our software.
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Free Live Demo

Don’t miss our free live demos, in which you will see an extract from the feature scope of our standard software. Register today and discover the various options our software portfolio has on offer!

Learn About the Essentials of Our Software in Just 1 Hour

We continually enhance our course offer to make new, exciting topics available. Discover a selection of our main topics below and simply click the topic for more information.
  • ecoMAILZ - Feature Overview
  • ecoDMS - Feature Overview
  • ecoDMS - Template Creation
  • ecoDMS - Legal Issues, Myths and Facts about the Generally Accepted Principles of Computerised Accounting Systems in Germany (GoBD)
  • ecoDMS - AdHoc Workflow
  • ecoDMS - Invoice Processing
  • ecoDMS - Search Functions
  • ecoDMS - Version Management
  • ecoDMS - HomeOffice Application (Webclient)
  • ecoDMS - RegEx in the ecoDMS Template Designer
Product Consulting / Pre Sales
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