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ecoDMS offers a broad spectrum of features that enable companies and private individuals to manage their documents securely and efficiently.

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Intuitive User Interface

The modern user interface of ecoDMS takes internal document management to a new level. The software has two different views for the document overview. You can choose between the modern view of all documents in card form, or the conventional table list.

You can customize the user interface and the document view for each workstation. 

Unread documents can be highlighted in ecoDMS if required. In this case all unopened files are visually highlighted by the system (Function: "Display"), visually highlighted by the system. 

Modern Card View

The clear and compact card view displays all archived documents in individual cards. You can choose from 4 different zoom levels to display the cards. Depending on the zoom level, the cards display the classification and file information with more or less details. You can display the following information:
  • a thumbnail of the PDF document (preview),
  • the main classification information,
  • a history of all activities,
  • a compact selection of available functions associated with the document,
  • viewing, editing, and creating notes
  • and version control.

Conventional Table View

The conventional view displays all documents in form of a table list. ecoDMS displays each document in a separate row with the relevant classification information. If you select a document row, a window with the following matching document information displays. It contains the following information:
  • a document preview (PDF)
  • a history of all activities
  • a compact selection of available functions associated with the document
  • viewing, editing, and creating notes
  • and version control

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