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Grand Features for Small Budget

ecoDMS offers a broad spectrum of features that enable companies and private individuals to manage their documents securely and efficiently.

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Customised Configuration for Companies and Private ndividuals

In the Settings dialogue, you can adapt ecoDMS to match company structures and processes.

Configure ecoDMS for your internal requirements:

  • User sessions: View and manage active connections with ecoDMS
  • Document: Based on the available classification attributes and date and version information, you can globally define document file names (e.g. for downloading or sending by email)
  • Document types: Create your own document types (e.g. invoice, contract, bank statement...) with individual retention periods and icons and specify the associated classification attributes
  • Folder structure: Create the desired folders to store your documents and optionally assign appropriate access permissions
  • Classification attributes: Extend the existing classification attributes with your own entries
  • Status: Manage the document status to display the current processing status of a document
  • General Settings: Create your own layout for ecoDMS and make individual system settings (e.g. for displaying resubmissions, sending e-mails...)
  • File Indexing: Watch the progress of full-text indexing (OCR). ecoDMS displays the number of documents that have already undergone full-text indexing.
  • Languages: Administrators can select the languages for full-text recognition: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Italian
  • OCR: If required, enable ecoDMS OCR as default for all new documents.
  • Scaninput: Manage your Scaninput folders for scanned documents and store your own access permissions, classification templates and other configurations
  • License: Activate your ecoDMS license and retrieve your license information
  • Backup: Configure the backup and restore functions for automated, scheduled backups
  • WEB / API: You can access ecoDMS with ecoDMS Client, Webclient and API REST service. Manage the respective services in the Settings dialogue

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