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Grand Features for Small Budget

ecoDMS offers a broad spectrum of features that enable companies and private individuals to manage their documents securely and efficiently.

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Digital Archiving

Customised Archiving for Each File

From inbox processing of scanned documents to fast storage of digital files and emails, ecoDMS leaves nothing to be desired. ecoDMS offers various document archiving functions, including:

  • ecoDMS Client
  • ecoDMS Webclient (for internet browser on PC, laptop, smart phone, tablet...)
  • Side Panel
  • Drag & Drop
  • Snapshot
  • Plugins for Office and Email Applications
  • PDF/A Printers
  • Scan Process (Inbox in ecoDMS / Scaninput folder)
  • ...

Archive Virtually All Documents in ecoDMS

The document management system allows you to archive all documents and files, for example:

  • PDFs
  • Emails
  • Office files
  • Images
  • Music
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • X-invoices
  • Account statements
  • Delivery notes
  • TXT Files
  • Drawings
  • and much more.

Archive X-Invoices as PDF with Full-Text Recognition

  • ecoDMS recognises, converts and archives X-invoices
  • The term "X-invoice" stands for "XML-based semantic invoice data model"
  • The data in such invoices is structured to be machine-readable
  • In a background operation, the document management system automatically converts the encoded invoice into a readable PDF when archiving.
  • Moreover, you can apply classification templates to invoices for automatic association and archiving.

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