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Save time and start organizing your email communication with ecoMAILZ. Test now for free with 3000 emails and learn about how to efficiently archive and retrieve your emails.

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Free Trial: Try ecoMAILZ For Free

The trial version is the original ecoMAILZ email archive with full functionality for free trial. The software components for the trial version and the full version are identical. Simply download the standard ecoMAILZ version for your operating system in the download area.
  • Following the initial installation, the full scope of ecoMAILZ is automatically active for archiving a maximum of 3,000 emails.
  • Without a license, email archiving with ecoMAILZ is limited to 3,000 emails.
  • Those, who want to continue using ecoMAILZ following the trial with all features require a license for the full version. You can purchase the license in the ecoDMS online shop. You can activate a license in the Settings of ecoMAILZ.
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