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ecoMAILZ offers powerful functions to archive emails and their attachments securely, automatically and in compliance with regulations in a digital archive

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Erasing Emails

Erasing Emails According to the GDPR and the Generally Accepted Principles of Computerised Accounting Systems in Germany

ecoMAILZ is used for the long-term, legally compliant storage of emails. Therefore, emails cannot be erased after final archiving, i.e. following the end of the review deadline. However, in individual cases messages need to be erased. An example for this is the German basic regulation on privacy (DSGVO): A customer requests the deletion of his personal information.

  • ecoMAILZ has a data erasure policy according to the Two-Man Rule, which complies with the legal requirements for the GDPR and the Generally Accepted Principles of Computerised Accounting Systems in Germany. This allows archived emails to be erased if required.
  • Depending on the specified retention periods, emails can be deleted either automatically by the system or manually by users with the appropriate permission.

Erasure According to the Two-Man Rule

To comply with the legal requirements for the erasure of data, ecoMAILZ has an "Erase" function which follows the "Two-Man Rule".

  • Authorised users may send erase requests. Following the entry of a meaningful justification for the erasure, the request is forwarded accordingly. Users with the permission to reply to such requests can decide whether to erase the message or to retain the message in the archive.
  • When approving an erase request, the authorised user can enter a meaningful comment. Once this is saved, the actual content of the message is removed from the archive and is replaced with an erasure log.
  • If an erase request is refused, the authorised user can also enter a meaningful comment. Then the message is returned to its original final archiving status.
  • The Two-Man Rule is enabled by default in ecoMAILZ. We strongly recommend you work with it during the erasure process if you have 2 or more users.

Erasure Logs

  • The ecoMAILZ Two-Man Rule produces an erasure log.
  • The log contains the users involved in the erasure process as well as the justification and the date.
  • This makes the erasure process transparent.
  • Optionally, an expiry date can be added to the erasure logs in the ecoMAILZ settings. Once the expiry date is reached, ecoMAILZ automatically deletes the log from the system.
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