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Announcement: ecoDMS Update with Features for Highlighting and Redacting Documents To Be Released Soon

ecoDMS announces a new rolling release for all users of the document management system ecoDMS (burns). The ecoDMS update will focus on editing archived PDF documents. The integrated PDF editor will receive many new features. The exact release date for ecoDMS will be released soon.

Free update for all users of ecoDMS (burns)

If you purchase a brandnew license of ecoDMS (burns) or if you upgrade your license from version 18.09 (apu) to "burns" or if you are already using version "burns", you will receive the update free of charge.

In short: All users of ecoDMS version "burns" will then receive the update free of charge.

Highlighting and Highlight Reports

You can highlight text passages of a document in the PDF editor. There are various highlight colours available. As an option, you can also add notes to a highlight. In addition to the highlights and notes, ecoDMS also automatically saves the user who highlighted the passage.

In the document preview and when downloading the edited PDF version, all highlights, notes and information are visible.

You can use the highlights to create filters and specific searches in ecoDMS. You can also print the highlights in form of a highlight report to a PDF document, which you can archive in ecoDMS.

Redacting Documents

Moreover, ecoDMS will receive a feature for redacting documents. This feature allows you to black out PDFs in full or in part to obscure the information behind. Every time you save a document with the “Redact PDF” feature, ecoDMS creates a separate entry on the “Redacted” tab. The original file remains in the version control system. The redacted document version, which you can use to forward to third parties, is available on a separate tab.

Edit Annotations

Use the PDF editor to apply user-defined annotations, for example, digital stamps with customised text, images, timestamps or user information. All users with document and PDF editor permissions can remove, edit or add to the annotations, even if they have been saved.

Preview Pane in Focus

On your desktop, you can scale the hight of the document preview in the preview pane. In addition, you can minimize the feature area below the document preview.

New Features for API REST Service

The API will include new calls for uploading and classifying documents in the inbox of ecoDMS. Moreover, developers using the ecoDMS interface can look forward to further interesting features.

This is an extract of the new scope of features ecoDMS offers. For this and more information, visit the official ecoDMS website at