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Document Management, Workflow, AI: ecoDMS at DIGITAL FUTUREcongress on May 11, 2023 (Free Tickets Available)

ecoDMS GmbH will be exhibiting at the Digital FUTUREcongress at the Frankfurt Exhibition on May 11, 2023. At booth F12, the consulting team from Aachen will be discussing the core topics ecoDMS, workflows and artificial intelligence. Moreover, there will be a talk on the topic “simply digital - Why the Digitalization Challenge No Longer Exists“.

Booth F12 Presents Digital Archiving, Process Automation, And the New Possibilities AI Offers

Document Management and Digital Archiving with ecoDMS

Following our motto “digitizing, archiving, managing, retrieving”, we will present the popular ecoDMS document management system at our booth. ecoDMS structures all business documents and efficiently optimizes internal document processes. The software offers simple and safe storage of all documents, files, and data in a central digital archive, and home-based or remote organization and quick retrieval.

Simple and powerful full-text indexing and classification ensures that documents are always there when you need them. From digital document archiving to the expiry of the erasure deadline, ecoDMS supports you along the entire lifecycle of your documents and offers a large number of features that help simplify and optimize your daily office work.

Quick access to the document archive via smart phone, tablet, and PC saves a lot of time and money in day-to-day document storage, information retrieval and file processing. The document management system offers a large range of features like automatic archiving and backup of documents, filter and search functions, including full-text search (OCR), export, emailing, version management, notes, and much more.

Be in control of your digital processes and don’t forget anything: ecoWorkflow will help you achieve it!

Quick and easy workflow implementation without programming knowledge: The open workflow system from ecoDMS is just the job!

ecoWorkflow simplifies the introduction of professional workflows in an organization. This open workflow system enables you to automate and optimize all business processes without any programming knowledge.

Automating processes with ecoWorkflow is easy, time-saving, and cost-effective. The software ensures that users always have an overview of all ongoing processes. From incoming invoices or holiday applications to fully-automated processes, ecoWorkflow benefits from many implemented projects.

At booth F12, ecoDMS staff will be answering questions all about “process automation with ecoWorkflow”.

Using AI to Understand Complex Issues

AI research in the applord group, of which ecoDMS GmbH is also a part, moves the goal posts of current technology standards in document classification, computer vision, information analysis and extraction.

Without artificial intelligence (AI) it is difficult to imagine how to simplify complex contexts. AI supports users in many tasks. These comprise pattern recognition, problem solving, decision making, and learning how to improve.

There are several forms of artificial intelligence, which fulfil different requirements in multiple areas. The work is often performed in the background and always aims at increasing the degree of automation and avoiding manual impact.

ecoDMS will present interesting innovations in the area of AI at the congress and trade fair in Frankfurt.

„simply digital - Why the Digitalization Challenge No Longer Exists“

Ralf Schmitz, Sales Manager at ecoDMS, will be giving a talk from 11:40 to 12:00 on Stage 3 “Finance” about this interesting topic.

Most companies are no longer questioning the need for digitalization, but they are shying away from the “challenge” of transforming their document-related business processes.

In most cases, the “challenge”, which is the investment in digital infrastructure and changing processes and teams, in particular for small and mid-sized companies, no longer exists.

In an exciting talk, Mr. Schmitz will explain why, today, the digitalization challenge no longer exists.

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