The ecoMAILZ licensing model is fair and real value for money. Licence ecoMAILZ according to your requirements for a one-time payment of 59.00 Euro incl. 19% VAT per user.

Licence Fee

  • A licence is available for a one-time payment of 59.00 Euro including 19% VAT per user.
  • A user can archive and use several email accounts.

License Validity

  • A licence is valid for the respective ecoMAILZ version and is permanent.
  • The licence does not restrict the data volume.
  • An ecoMAILZ license can always be activated on a computer instance, to which it is then dedicated.
    • Of course, you can also install or migrate your purchased license to another device if required. This, however, requires prior deactivation.
  • It is not possible to activate a license number more than once at the same time.

Update Service

  • As of the purchasing date, free updates can be downloaded over a 2-year period.
  • Updates comprise all bugfixes, release updates and major releases.
  • The licence term can be extended after 2 years for a further 2 years.
  • When extending the licence term, you can choose the number of required licences. The price is calculated per number of users.

License Extensions

  • If required, the number of licences can be extended in form of licence extensions with additional users.
  • Licence extensions do not extend the update period.

Lifetime Licence Price Guarantee (LLG)

  • The lifetime licence price guarantee (LLG) offers customers a consistent and absolutely fair licence fee.
  • The LLG entitles customers to extend the licence term at theame licence price per simultaneous connection that they paid for their previous licence..
  • The LLG only applies if all licences were extended without interruption within a grace period of 3 months. Otherwise you lose the right to the price guarantee. In this case, a new lifetime license price guarantee (LLG) will start with the fixed list price at the time of purchase.
  • You are entitled to the LLG from the purchase of the first ecoMAILZ license as of version 17.08 (donnie) through the ecoDMS online shop. Other license sources are excluded from this offer.
  • The official list price of the current ecoMAILZ version serves as the basis for the LLG. Discounts, special offers or other price deviations are not considered in this case. If a license is purchased with a discount or reseller code in the ecoDMS online shop, the LLG is based on the original list price.

License Activation

  • The administrator activates and manages the purchased ecoMAILZ license on the Settings page in the ecoMAILZ web client. In the "License" area, you can display and manage your license information.
  • Please note that your computer requires a stable internet connection to activate the license. The license is compared with the ecoMAILZ license server and activated accordingly.

Demo Version

  • Please note that you may only use the demo version for test purposes.
  • You can archive a maximum of 3000 emails with the demo version.

Free trial

Test ecoMAILZ for free and without obligations. You can archive up to 3000 emails with the trial version. The full version with technically unlimited volume is activated with a license code. The trial and full version components are identical.

ecoMAILZ E-Mail Archive

  • Legally compliant email archiving
  • Two-step archiving concept
  • Connectivity to common mail servers
  • Plugins for e-mail client
  • Cross-platform web client for research
  • Interconnection with ecoDMS
  • Importing existing emails
With ecoMAILZ you get a modern email archiving system at a fair price, which allows automatic and legally compliant archiving of all your emails.