ecoMAILZ License Model

Fair Prices with Lifetime License-Fee Guarantee (LLG)

The lifetime license fee guarantee (LLG) offers you a consistent and very fair license fee:

  • You can purchase an initial license for ecoMAILZ at a one-time fee of 59.00 Euro incl. 19% per user with a 24-month update period.
  • A purchase automatically activates the lifetime license fee guarantee for future upgrades and license extensions.
  • The exact license fee depends on the selected update term. For license renewals and license extensions, the fee depends on the applicable lifetime license fee guarantee (LLG).
valid from 08/2017

License Information

  • From the purchasing date onwards, updates for the selected period are free
  • Updates include all extended features, security updates, bug fixes and release updates
  • No limitation of the data volume
  • Valid for one previously defined licensee
  • Activation on a server instance
  • The number of licenses can be extended as required
  • A license is valid permanently and can be used without time limit. However, it will no longer be supported after the update period has expired.
With an ecoMAILZ licence you can install and use the software under all supported operating systems with full functionality and the available addons and plugins

Update Period

  • The runtime can be extended for another selected period once the current update period has expired.
  • The base price = list price (LLG) saved per user applies for the extension if the extension of the update period is purchased not later than 3 months after the existing update period has expired.
  • If an extension is purchased, the update period and the LLG will be extended accordingly.
  • You can purchase a license renewal 1x per license. As you are issued with a new license with the renewal, you can renew this license again as required.
  • You can also adjust the number of users upwards or downwards when you renew your license.
  • Following the 3-month grace period, the LLG and the possibility to extend the update period expire for this license. To purchase new updates, you need to purchase a new first license.

License Extensions

  • If required, the number of users in a license can be extended with a license extension for additional users.
  • Expanding a license requires the payment of the full base price (LLG) per user.
  • License extensions do not extend the update period.

Lifetime License Fee Guarantee (LLG)

  • The lifetime license fee guarantee (LLG) is automatically activated upon purchase
  • Guaranteed planning security: Constant license fee without fee increase
  • Click here for more information about the LLG

    • The list price valid at the time of the first purchase serves as the basis for future license extensions and update period extensions
    • Discounts, special conditions or other price variances are not taken into consideration
    • Valid for licenses that are purchased directly via an official ecoDMS reseller in the online shop (with the exception of ESD codes)
    • You are only entitled to this offer if all terms were extended without interruption within a 3-month grace period

Listenpreise für ecoMAILZ-Erstkäufe

ProductPurchasing DateUpdate PeriodNet PriceGross Price (19%)
ecoMAILZ from 09/2019 24 months 49,58 Euro 59,00 Euro
ecoMAILZ from 09/2019 48 months 79,33 Euro 94,40 Euro
ecoMAILZ from 08/2017 24 months 41,18 Euro 49,00 Euro
ecoMAILZ from 08/2017 48 months 65,88 Euro 78,40 Euro
  • All prices are per user

Trial Version

  • May only be used for trial purposes
  • Archives a maximum 3000 emails
  • For a full version, simply upload a license. There is no need for a clean installation.

FAQs about Licensing

  • What is the difference between the trial and the full version?

    • The software components for the trial version and the full version are identical. They can all be downloaded in the software download area of the ecoDMS website.
    • Following the initial installation, ecoMAILZ is automatically available as a trial version. You can archive a maximum of 3000 emails with the trial version.
    • Users can also test the available plugins and addons during the trial period.
    • The maximum amount of emails that can be stored in ecoMAILZ is 3000.
    • A license can be activated in the Settings of ecoMAILZ.

  • How often can I activate a license? Can I move a license to a different server?
  • How do I get support and what does it cost?