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The first rolling release of the popular ecoDMS document management system will be available in June 2021. The update includes new features and improves the software’s performance and stability. The Aachen-based company will announce the exact release date soon.

With the new licensing model and the associated rolling releases, ecoDMS customers benefit from many advantages. For the duration of the selected period, ecoDMS GmbH repeatedly provides users with new, free software updates. In contrast to the old licensing model, these can contain brand new features in addition to improvements, updates and bug fixes. The choice of the update period offers long-term planning security.

ecoDMS GmbH has announced the first rolling release for June 2021. Among other things, users can look forward to accelerated and optimised text recognition. The ecoDMS automatic full-text indexing reads text faster and more effectively than ever.

In addition, the ecoDMS OCR recognises more languages and can be enabled as the default for all documents. This, for example, allows documents processed by a different OCR software to be re-read, recognised and archived with the ecoDMS text information during the archiving process.

There is also a new feature for exporting and sending archived documents. You can now customize the file name.

The brand new, intuitive ecoDMS user interface has been particularly well-received by ecoDMS users. The modern Tile view with direct preview and all document information is practical to use and quick to read. The June update includes another zoom level, making the view even larger. This new zoom level is part of a total of four individual settings for the Tile view in ecoDMS.

For Windows users, the ecoDMS update also has a silent installer. The silent installer allows the unattended installation of the ecoDMS Client and PDF/A printer under Windows. This type of installation is almost standard for Linux-based operating systems. This is because Linux mostly makes use of unattended setups. If the user, for example, installs ecoDMS via the console, there are no or only a few setup windows to click through. At the end, you simply get the message that the software has been installed. The silent installer now also makes this convenient installation method available for ecoDMS under Windows. This avoids having to click through each individual setup window and the programme is fully installed on the PC after a few seconds.

This is only a small extract of the many features ecoDMS offers. ecoDMS helps users to quickly and easily archive, manage and find all documents from a PC, smart phone or tablet. The software offers a large range of functions like automatic document archiving and backup, filter and search functions (incl. full-text search), export, version management, and much more. The lifetime license fee guarantee offers a consistent and very fair license fee.

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