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The first rolling release is available for the ecoDMS document management system. The update includes new features and improves the software’s performance and stability:
  • Export and send: Configure your global file names
  • Full-text indexing: Faster and optimised
  • ecoDMS OCR: Recognises more languages, can be enabled as default for all documents
  • New zoom level: A total of 4 levels available in the Tile view
  • Silent install: Unattended installation of client + printer under Windows
Refer to the changelog for more information

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Advanced OCR recognition offers even better performance when searching for documents. Now administrators can select the required languages for text recognition. In addition to German and English, the languages French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish and Italian can be enabled for the automatic text recognition of new documents. Moreover, the integrated "OCR turbo" indexes the documents even faster.

There are now a total of 4 zoom levels for viewing documents in the modern Tile view. Depending on your selection, the zoom levels display the classification and file information of a document in more or less detail. The new, fourth zoom level displays, among other things, a particularly large document preview. This means that the documents are already legible for users in the preview.

The new document settings in the ecoDMS administration area provide new options for sending and exporting documents by e-mail. Use the available classification attributes, date and version information to define document file names by default. Previously, ecoDMS relied on the general file information or the comments field for sending and exporting. Now administrators can assign global file names, which ecoDMS then uses automatically based on the configured information. The file name may, for example, contain the archiving date, document type, folder name, DocID and a text you define. An example output for this would be "18062021-incoming-invoice-supplier-1452-sample-text.pdf". You can configure these settings both for traditional documents and for documents with multiple versions.

A silent installer is now available for Windows users. The silent installer allows the unattended installation of ecoDMS Client and PDF/A Printer under Windows. This avoids having to click through each individual setup window, and the programme is fully installed on the PC within a few seconds. This installation type is particularly useful when installing ecoDMS on multiple workstations.

The rolling release is available to all ecoDMS customers for free download on the ecoDMS website. A valid ecoDMS license is required to use the full version. If ecoDMS is already installed, we recommend a complete and clean backup before updating.

This is just a small excerpt of the many possibilities ecoDMS offers. ecoDMS is the standard for simple, long-term, audit-compliant and platform-independent archiving of all documents. The software cleans up desks and brings order to the office. Folders and general paper consumption can be reduced to a minimum with this document management system. As a standalone solution, in both small and large networks, on a NAS and as a rental solution, ecoDMS offers enormous scalability. ecoDMS enables quick access to all documents on the computer, laptop, smart phone and tablet.


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