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The update for the ecoMAILZ email archive has been released with build 1.0.8. It offers great new features and a Microsoft 365 adapter.
New Microsoft 365 Adapter for Automatic Archiving
ecoMAILZ offers import options from different email servers, groupware solutions and from the file system. In addition to IMAP / POP3, Exchange, and the file system, the software can now also archive automatically from Microsoft 365. The email archive automatically retrieves all emails for archiving, full-text indexes text, readable information, and attachments, and saves the messages securely in containers.

Export: Export All Archived Emails as .eml Format
The Settings area of ecoMAILZ offers numerous features for the general configuration and management of the email archive. Administrators can now export all currently archived emails in .eml format to a specified folder.

Retention Periods for Emails
User can configure retention periods for emails in ecoMAILZ. When a retention period has expired, the system either automatically erases the emails or the user with erasure permission removes them manually. The emails are assigned to the respective retention period using matching keywords. The parameters of the full-text search can be used to assign the keywords.

The configured retention periods are sorted by priority. The top one in the list has the highest priority. If more than one deadline applies to an email, the deadline with the higher priority will be considered first.

In ecoMAILZ, users have customised quick filters for displaying emails and their retention periods. The recognised retention periods are displayed as chip in the email details. This means that the retention period is also visible in the email. In addition to the name of the retention period, the chips also indicate whether the email should be manually or automatically deleted from the system after the retention period has expired.

Configurable Automatic Deletion of Erasure Logs
ecoMAILZ is used for the long-term, legally compliant storage of emails. Therefore, emails cannot be erased after final archiving, i.e. following the end of the review deadline. However, individual cases may require messages to be erased. ecoMAILZ therefore has a data erasure policy that applies the Two-Man Rule and complies with the legal requirements for the GDPR and the Generally Accepted Principles of Computerised Accounting Systems in Germany. This Two-Man Rule produces an erasure log. The log contains the users involved in the erasure process as well as the justification and the date. This makes the erasure process transparent at any time. In ecoMAILZ 1.0.8 and later, these erasure logs can be given an expiry date. Once the expiry date is reached, ecoMAILZ automatically deletes the log from the system.

This is just an extract of all the possibilities ecoMAILZ offers. More details are listed in the official changelog.

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Installation Information for ecoMAILZ 1.0.8:

  • Always read the notes and steps in the installation manual.
  • Before updating / upgrading, you must create a full and clean backup.
  • Always read the system requirements before installing the programme. Make sure that your system environment complies with the ecoMAILZ requirements.

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