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Aachen, Germany, June 2015 With the software ecoDMS, private users and companies can safely store documents and records at a budget price. The manufacturer of this archiving solution is ecoDMS GmbH, a German company from Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia.

ecoDMS is a software that complies with all requirements for a digital archiving system. Users can scan, archive, manage and retrieve their documents and records with ecoDMS. This computer programme is available on the market at an incomparable value for money. In Germany ecoDMS is already among the most popular document archiving applications. A licence is available at 41.18 Euro net per user. This low licence price includes full functionality. Moreover, a licence is valid for an unlimited period. The high scalability of ecoDMS allows any number of users or documents. The software also convinces in terms of platform independence, flexibility and user-friendliness.

The client server system ecoDMS consists of two different core components: The ecoDMS server and the user interfaces (clients). The ecoDMS server forms the base for the entire system. The server is not a piece of hardware, but a software component. The server executes the technical processes and contains the postgreSQL database for archiving. The server software can be installed under Windows, Ubuntu and Debian on a server PC or in a company or home network. For smaller installations and private users, the software can be installed on a normal desktop or laptop computer. The installation is completed with a few mouse clicks. No prior knowledge is required. The ecoDMS clients are available for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and MacOS. They allow access to the archive, the documents and the settings. In addition, there are mobile apps for Android and IOS, as well as plugins and add-ons for Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. Moreover, a PDF/A printer driver is available for archiving documents and records from any third party applications with a printer function.

ecoDMS can save virtually all documents and file types. You can import them into the archive either through add-ons, plugins and apps, or directly with drag and drop. Within seconds the archiving process is complete. ecoICE is the ideal tool for paper documents. With a document scanner you can scan your records and then archive them in ecoDMS using ecoICE.

The integrated template designer from ecoDMS makes archiving even easier. You can use it to create classification templates. The template designer automatically recognises documents, enters the data in the right place and fills in the required metadata.

The integrated text recognition function makes retrieving documents very easy. The archived documents are automatically full-text indexed in the background. If the user, for example, enters keywords in the ecoDMS search mask, the system searches all documents. ecoDMS then immediately displays the matching results in a table, including a document preview. Apart from the full text search, there are some additional search functions. You can apply the search to any classification attributes, document contents and time frames.

ecoDMS has a comprehensive Settings dialogue box. Here you can specify any configuration to suit to your requirements and company processes. You can also define and manage users, documents, folders and access permissions professionally.

With ecoDMS, ecoDMS GmbH has developed an entirely new sales and development model. ecoDMS is exclusively available online. You can download and test the software for free at Private users may even use ecoDMS permanently for free. On the website we have provided all information on prices, products and sales. In order to learn more about the software, there are comprehensive manuals available for free download. In addition, there are also free training videos available.

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