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For their ecoDMS document management system, ecoDMS GmbH has released dedicated server versions for the NAS systems from Synology and QNAP. For the first time the archiving system can be installed in a virtual container on a "network-attached storage". With this technical innovation ecoDMS has created another highlight regarding platform independence and usability.

ecoDMS is the ideal software for scanning, archiving, managing and retrieving documents. As a platform-independent client-server system, ecoDMS can be used in any kind of IT infrastructure. The compatibility with the NAS systems of QNAP and Synology now also allows secure storage and availability of the archived documents on a central network hard disk. The ecoDMS server can be installed on a QNAP and Synology system with its full functionality. The installation, configuration and operation of the ecoDMS software is easy to understand and very user friendly. Elaborate documentation and installation manuals are available for free download on the ecoDMS website to ensure the best possible introduction to the system.

ecoDMS supports those QNAP and Synology device types that provide container virtualisation. The QNAP ContainerStation integrates the virtualisation technologies LXC (Linux containers) and Docker, thus allowing the operation of several isolated Linux systems on a QNAP NAS. In case of Synology, Docker can be installed from the "Package Center". The ecoDMS server is installed via the Docker images provided especially for the two NAS systems. An image is a template for creating a respective ecoDMS container.

The ecoDMS archive can be customised to match the individual structures and requirements of customers. The great scalability of the software and fair pricing enables anyone to use the software. Archiving with ecoDMS has virtually no limits. The intelligent template designer from ecoDMS automatically recognises documents, enters the data in the right place and fills in the required metadata. The intelligent search functions, such as, for example, full-text search, enable quick and easy retrieval of all data. A flexible permissions system ensures secure access to confidential documents and the correct assignment of documents to the designated user.

This low-cost archive is an economic but professional DMS solution with full functionality. The price for the full version is 49 Euros per licence. For private users ecoDMS GmbH offers the free Free4Three edition. Employing ecoDMS can optimise the archiving and document processes. The system combines all documents in a central archive to ensure quick access to the required information and files at any time.

ecoDMS is available for a free trial period of 30 days. The demo includes all ecoDMS functions, add-ons and plugins, except for mobile services. If no licence code is entered, the system automatically restricts the functions after 30 days. This is then the Free4Three Edition. It may only be used privately, but for an unlimited period of time and for free. Those, who want to use ecoDMS after the demo phase and/or with the full scope of functions, need a licence for the full version.

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