The Aachen-based software company, ecoDMS GmbH, has updated and optimised all manuals for the document management system. The new documentation is now available for free download from the ecoDMS website at in PDF format.

The ecoDMS manual contains a comprehensive guide to the setup, configuration and operation of the entire document management system. This includes all ecoDMS components, plugins, add-ons, mobile apps and the web interface. Find out how to establish a connection through the ecoDMS connection manager, activate a licence, backup and restore your data, and much more.

The installation Guide contains a comprehensive guide to the installation and uninstallation of all ecoDMS components for the various operating systems. Next to Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and MacOS, this chapter also contains the installation steps for the ecoDMS server installation on a Raspberry Pi, as Docker image, and for the NAS systems (QNAP & Synology) supported by ecoDMS. If you want to upgrade to the current Major release from a previous version, please follow the upgrade instructions in this manual.

For all users who want to connect third-party systems to ecoDMS, the ecoDMS API is the perfect solution. This modern interface can connect applications such as CRN systems, ERP-software and more to the document management system. The fundamental functions of the ecoDMS server, such as "archive", "classify", or "download", can be accessed via the API. The individual functions are accessed via the REST web services.

With ecoDMS you can archive all your documents audit-proof, manage them professionally and find them very quickly. The intelligent ecoDMS Template Designer automatically recognises documents, sorts the data to the right place, automatically fills in the necessary classification attributes, and stores the data (as an option) automatically in the archive. Searching with ecoDMS is as easy as googling.

At you can download the new documentation for free as PDF in the download area. In addition, the software components are available for free download on the website. After the first installation, ecoDMS is automatically enabled as demo version for the first 30 days. The demo includes all ecoDMS functions, add-ons and plugins, except for mobile services. If no licence code is entered, the system automatically restricts the functions after 30 days. This is then the Free4Three Edition. This may only be used privately, but for an unlimited period of time. Those, who want to use ecoDMS after the demo phase and/or with the full scope of functions, need a licence for the full version. This licence can be purchased from the ecoDMS online shop.

ecoDMS Version 18.09 (apu)

Download the current version of the successful archiving system and test the features for free for 30 days. In the shop you can purchase licences for the full version.

ecoMAILZ Version 17.08 (donnie)

The "ecoMAILZ" email archive is a new standalone software for automatic and legally compliant email archiving. Test the software with up to 3000 messages for free.

Press Clippings

Numerous magazines and PR portals report on our company and our archiving systems. You can find an extract of our clippings here.