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The ecoDMS major release announced for autumn 2016 is gradually coming closer. Today the software developers have revealed more highly interesting details about the scope of functions. The new ecoDMS version will be able to full-text index email attachments automatically and then store them in ecoDMS together with the message. Moreover, in future it will be possible to link various files in ecoDMS.

Storing emails and their attachments will become even more convenient with the new ecoDMS release. When archiving emails in ecoDMS, attachments will be stored as a direct link with the message. The advantage for users is that an email and its attachments can be displayed and opened in sequence in the ecoDMS table. Currently, attachments can only be retrieved via the original EML file within the version management. Moreover, for the first time automatic full-text indexing of the attached file will be carried out in the background. This will enable the quick retrieval of readable email attachments via the full-text search.

As a further highlight, ecoDMS announces the new linking function. Often there are different files that belong to the same process. As of the next ecoDMS major release, it will be possible to link these files directly with each other. In the ecoDMS table any number of other archived files, including their classifications, can be added to a document and combined to form one process.

The new ecoDMS major release will be released in autumn 2016. However, licences are not yet available. ecoDMS GmbH will announce the exact release date in the coming weeks. Until then the motto will need to be to wait, because anticipation is half the fun!

A glance at the innovations revealed to date shows: ecoDMS users can really look forward to a great version with many interesting features:
  • Fresh colours, new icons and a flat, modern "material design" give a new radiance to the archiving system.
  • The merger of ecoDMS and ecoICE will further optimise the archiving steps.
  • Linking several documents will allow the grouping of different files.
  • Email attachments can in future be full-text indexed and stored together with the email.
  • The already valid "life-long licence price guarantee" enables all ecoDMS customers access to a constant and absolutely fair licence price.
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