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The archiving system with the lowest price worldwide comes from Aachen. The ecoDMS software is considered to be the standard for long-term, revision-secure document archiving.

ecoDMS is one of the great success projects of the renowned applord group. Based on long-term experience in document archiving and workflow, software developer applord GmbH developed ecoDMS Server, thus creating the basis for a unique archiving solution. ecoDMS has since been employed successfully by thousands of companies and private customers. This sensational success led to the founding of the homonymous company ecoDMS GmbH in 2014. Together with applord and appecon, ecoDMS today forms the unique service partnership of applord Holding Europe GmbH.

With ecoDMS, private users and companies of any size and industry can inexpensively, securely and easily benefit from the advantages of modern document archiving. The document management system archives all files and information in a central electronic document archive. The software fulfils the technical requirements of revision-secure archiving, thus securing the long-term availability and confidentiality of any amount of data.  ecoDMS Archive is a software that is easily affordable and easy to use for everyone. A fair licence price, without compulsory additional costs at full functionality, is one of the essential characteristics. ecoDMS is the first archiving system for the broad masses. The low purchasing price of 60 Euro per licence for the entire document archive including full-text recognition and all Office, email and mobile plugins is paid only once and is non-recurring. Easy operation and cross-platform application under Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, MacOS, Raspbian, Synology, QNAP, Android and iOS turn ecoDMS into a well-rounded software.

Paper documents, emails, contracts, PDFs, drawings, Office documents, tables, images, music, videos, letters, any files and information can be stored with this cross-platform archiving system in a legally compliant and revision-secure way.

With just a few mouse-clicks the documents are archived, automatically full-text-indexed and categorised, if required. Intelligent document recognition automatically determines document affiliation and stores the file in the correct place and for the specified users.

The document archive is easy to access within seconds via desktop client, smart phone, tablet or web interface. Retrieving the archived data is as easy as googling.

ecoDMS also takes care of the confidentiality of documents when archiving. For each folder and each document, users or administrators can assign individual access permissions. To maintain revision-security, ecoDMS also has a history function. The history function automatically logs the processing and archiving steps in a file.

ecoDMS can be used by any number of users simultaneously and offers unlimited space for documents. Paper documents are simply scanned in with a document scanner. ecoDMS has plugins for popular Office applications, such as Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and OpenOffice. These can be installed in a few steps and allow direct archiving from these applications. The Office files can then be processed further and saved as a new version with the integrated version management. There are also specific addons that enable email archiving from Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

The virtual PDF/A printer is also particularly useful. It allows easy archiving of documents from printable applications, such as image processing software, graphics applications and accounting software, in PDF/‚ÄčA format. All it requires is a simple click on the print function of the respective programme.

In the ecoDMS online shop at, customers can purchase licences and support at fair prices. The software is immediately dispatched via e-mail. Any product, pricing and sales information is freely accessible at There are also free training videos available. Moreover, ecoDMS can be tested for a period of 30 days for free and without obligations. The Free4Three Edition is a free version for private users.


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