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2017's motto is "secure and legally compliant email archiving". As of summer 2017, users will be able to comply with all requirements with ecoMAILZ. Even if ecoMAILZ will only be released in summer 2017, customers need not feel compelled to act. With the introduction of ecoMAILZ, all emails will be archived with their attachments so that they are complete, revision-secure and legally compliant.

Of course, users can also archive older emails retroactively. They can flexibly determine the start date for email archiving: For example, import all emails as of January 1, 2017.

The two-step archiving concept opens up entirely new options for email archiving and securing privacy. Look forward to a modern email archiving system with an automatic, legally compliant and revision-secure email archiving system for everyone.

When developing ecoMAILZ, ecoDMS GmbH ensured from the beginning that it was implemented according to the GoBD. Apart from the technical benefits offered by ecoMAILZ as an email archive, the introduction of ecoMAILZ also fulfils the current legal requirements.

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In order to fulfil the requirements of email archiving and simultaneously exclude emails from the archive that are not subject to archiving requirements, ecoMAILZ works with a two-step archiving concept. For example, users can tag private emails within a certain deadline. ecoMAILZ recognises these tags and does not transfer these emails to the archive.

The emails are downloaded and full-text indexed by ecoMAILZ as soon as they arrive on your server. ecoMAILZ does not require much configuration, which makes it a transparent, high-performance email archive.

With plugins for Outlook and Thunderbird users can always keep track of the status of your emails. If, for example, an email was deleted in your email application, users can quickly retrieve it via the cross-platform web client on a mobile device or on their PC.

ecoDMS customers benefit particularly from the interconnection of ecoMAILZ and ecoDMS. They can manage and view your business emails quickly and conveniently in the archiving system.

The ecoMAILZ licensing model is fair and real value for money. The license costs 49,00 Euro incl. 19% VAT per user. The licence fee depends on the number of simultaneous users. A user can archive and use several email accounts.

The release of ecoMAILZ is planned for summer 2017. However, the exact date is not yet fixed. ecoDMS GmbH will announce the release date in time on the ecoDMS website, in the news and via newsletter.

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