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In times of digital communication and management, electronic document management for private users and companies has become indispensable. For those who want to comply with the GoBD requirements and save all documents, files and data in a central archive and ensure revision-security (audit-proofness), ecoDMS Archive is the perfect solution.

The software from the homonymous Aachen manufacturer fulfils the legal requirements for audit-proofness, is low-price, quick to install and easy to use for everyone. Private users and companies of any size and industry can rely on audit-proof storage of all digital data and paper documents, and manage and retrieve their data within seconds.

The client-server system is considered to be the standard for long-term, audit-proof document archiving. At a licence fee of 69 Euro per simultaneous connection, ecoDMS is far below the market average. There is no limit for document quantity or licence validity. The lifetime licence price guarantee even offers customers a constant and absolutely fair licence fee.

All documents and data is easily and quickly retrievable with ecoDMS. The integrated OCR full-text recognition automatically includes all readable data. Thanks to this technology, all stored files can be quickly retrieved after they have been archived. Users have various search functions to retrieve their documents. The search term is entered in the search line and immediately ecoDMS displays the matching results. Users can also assign classification attributes, such as document type, folder, date, role, status and other values, to each document. This information can then be easily included in the document search. All necessary structures and access privileges can be flexibly configured to suit the individual needs. To do so, there are various configuration options available.

Users of ecoDMS can save a lot of time and money when saving, storing and retrieving all their documents. It optimises internal document processes, lowers business expenses and enables a perfect overview of all documents.

Whether they are PDFs, Office files, images, music, contracts, account statements, delivery notes or other files: The ecoDMS Archive offers storage space for all documents.

Paper documents can be digitalised with a document scanner and retrieved, assigned and archived via the inbox in the ecoDMS client. The system can also perform the archiving and classification processes fully automatically.

Files that are already available in digital form can be archived directly with drag & drop. Intelligent document recognition automatically determines document affiliation and stores the files in the correct place and for the responsible member of staff.

Plugins are available for Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird to allow quick archiving from these applications.

The virtual ecoDMS PDF/A printer helps archive documents from any printable third-party applications like accounting or inventory management applications.

The low purchasing price comprises the entire document archive, including full-text recognition and all Office, email and mobile plugins. A modern sales channel without data carriers, shipping fees and 3rd party licences enables the sensationally low licence price. Quick installation, easy handling and cross-platform application under Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, MacOS, Raspbian, Docker (incl. support for Synology and QNAP), Android and iOS round off the concept of the Aachen-based IT company.

For more information visit There is also a free demo version of ecoDMS available for download. For private users ecoDMS GmbH also offers a free version of the archiving solution with the Free4Three edition for up to 3 users.

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