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The low-price ecoDMS software is considered to be the standard for qualified document archiving. Offering particularly good value for money, the Aachen-based software company has already convinced thousands of users in Europe. Private and corporate customers alike have had positive experiences with ecoDMS.

With a one-time licence fee of 69 Euro including 19% VAT per simultaneous connection for the entire archiving system, ecoDMS GmbH has reached a large audience. ecoDMS Archive proves that a good DMS with full functionality need not be expensive. More and more customers are enjoying the low-cost ecoDMS archiving solution. For a small extract from various ecoDMS users and their experience with the software, visit the following page:

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As a client-server system, the popular ecoDMS Archive offers everything you expect from a professional archiving solution. The application focuses on legally compliant, audit-proof archiving of all electronic files and paper documents. ecoDMS fulfils the technical requirements for revision-secure archiving according to the GoBD guideline and therefore complies with audit standards. It allows long-term archiving of any document type. Paper documents are digitalised with a document scanner and are then directly processed via the inbox in the ecoDMS Client. Files, for example, PDFs, drawings, images, TXT files and even music can be easily dragged and dropped from the file system to the archive. Office documents from MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, LibreOffice and OpenOffice Writer, Calc and Impress are archived in no time via the associated Office plugins. In this case you just click the ecoDMS icon integrated in the Office application. Anschließend erfolgt die Klassifizierung und die Ablage im Originalformat und als langzeit-sicheres PDF/A. Version management, moreover, allows further processing of the original file. The modified document can be saved to the ecoDMS Archive as a new version.

For email archiving in particular, ecoDMS has Addons for Thunderbird and Outlook. They enable manual and direct archiving of emails and their attachments from the email clients. The message is saved in the original EML format and then as PDF/A. Moreover, ecoDMS GmbH has announced an independent, standalone mail archiving system ecoMAILZ for summer 2017. This will allow automatic, legally compliant email archiving. The exact release date will be announced shortly.

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Archiving with ecoDMS products has no limits. The virtual ecoDMS PDF/A printer can even print files from other printing applications to the archive. Examples for this are inventory management systems, CRM systems, ERP systems and many more.

A particular highlight in document archiving is the ecoDMS template designer. It can be used to automatically classify and archive documents without user intervention. The designer helps users create any kind of classification template. Document assignment can be based on keywords, RegEx commands and the layout.

Retrieving the archived documents with ecoDMS is also child’s play. All readable information, including file metadata, is automatically full-text indexed in the background. This makes searching for documents as easy as googling. Users can search for any search term as well as for the stored classification attributes. Classifications, for example, are folder, document type, date, note, status and much more.

ecoDMS can be configured to suit the needs of any user group. Individual folder structures, document types, user groups and access permissions can be defined in the Settings dialogue box

The enormous scalability combined with the convenient platform-independence allows the application in very small and also in large IT infrastructures. ecoDMS can be installed under Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and MacOS on a local PC, in a network and as SaaS solution in the cloud. Moreover, ecoDMS offers a server component for NAS devices from QNAP and Synology via Docker image and as creative playground under Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi. ecoDMS is also available as App for Android and iOS.

The 69 Euro licence price includes all ecoDMS Archive components. A licence is valid for an unlimited period and independent of the number of documents. The modern container storage system and the associated postgreSQL database allow unlimited data volume. The ecoDMS technology moreover offers the ideal base for qualified backup and restore.

At the software is available together with plenty of information for download. ecoDMS can be used as a demo version for a trial period of 30 days. Following the trial period, the functions are restricted and the software continues in the Free4Three version. This may only be used for private purposes for a maximum of 3 users. Those who wish to use the system commercially with full functionality need to purchase a licence.


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