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Archiving emails according to legal requirements at a low price. This is what ecoDMS GmbH customers can do as of now. The Aachen-based software company has today released their new standard software ecoMAILZ for simple, cross-platform and legally compliant email archiving. ecoMAILZ saves all electronic messages automatically to a central email archive. The fair value for money and the two-step archiving concept open up entirely new possibilities in email archiving. In the first step, there are the components for Windows. Other operating systems will follow.

Archiving all emails and their attachments can be performed automatically and is easy to use for everyone. The archiving system directly retrieves emails from the email server or from any folder. ecoMAILZ operates according to the legal requirements, which oblige companies to exclude emails from the archive that are not subject to archiving requirements. This, for example, includes private messages. Therefore, selected messages can be excluded from archiving within a specified viewing deadline. Only after the configurable viewing deadline has expired, emails are finally archived. This unique process offers users optimum security and reviewing options when archiving emails.

ecoMAILZ is based on a state-of-the-art container storage system. This proven storage technology does not require a separate database. ecoMAILZ automatically creates the required containers within the proprietary system environment during installation. The archived emails and their attachments are then securely encrypted and stored in these containers. This technology ensures long-term secure email storage, clean data backup and easy data recovery. The archived emails are accessed via the ecoMAILZ web client. This runs on all modern internet browsers. Thanks to the "responsive design", the web client can be used on various hardware such as PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet. Different search and filtering functions, such as full-text search, allow quick retrieval of archived messages.

ecoMAILZ offers import functions from different email servers and groupware solutions. Among these are Microsoft Exchange Server, Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), POP3 and the file system. The exact origin of the emails is stored in so-called adapters. Then the system automatically retrieves all emails for archiving, full-text indexes text, readable information and attachments, and saves the messages securely in containers in the email archive. Moreover, there is an addin for the email client Microsoft Outlook.

ecoDMS GmbH has become highly renowned in the DMS sector with its homonymous document archive ecoDMS. ecoDMS Archive today is considered the standard for audit-proof archiving of documents and information. ecoMAILZ is now set to follow the great success of ecoDMS as a standalone software solution.

To connect the two archiving systems ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ, ecoDMS GmbH has developed the option to also archive, access and retrieve emails in the document management system.

Setting up and installing ecoMAILZ is absolutely user friendly. Moreover, the licence fee is convincing. The affordable 49 Euros including 19% VAT per user makes ecoMAILZ the perfect email archive for private users, SMEs and large organisations. The licence price includes the email archive, including full-text indexing and plugins and add-ons for ecoDMS and the email clients.

The software can be downloaded for free trial at Following the trial period, the full version is activated by loading a valid licence. Comprehensive product information about the software components and services of ecoDMS GmbH is also available on the web.

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