Registered Resellers

Adding Value to Your Solutions and Services

Include our products in your portfolio and benefit from the advantages of a registered reseller of ecoDMS GmbH

Your advantages as a registered reseller


Getting Started Training

In our training session (approx. 45 minutes) you will learn important fundamentals about how to sell our software.

Portal & Marketing

The reseller portal contains sales and marketing aids, the ecoDMS reseller logo to embed in your website, and various advertising materials.

ecoDMS License

To test and present our software, you will receive a license for the latest ecoDMS full version with a 24-month update period.

Support Package

To clarify initial, technical questions, you will receive 1 support unit that you can use for direct contact with our technicians.

Wholesale Prices

With your own access to the Reseller Portal you can purchase our products at wholesale prices in the associated Reseller Online Shop.

Area Search

To enable our customers to find you, we will include your company in the official ecoDMS reseller area search after you have completed the Getting Started training

Terms and Conditions of Participation and Prices

Become a registered ecoDMS reseller in just a few steps:

  • Use our registration for to register as ecoDMS reseller.
  • You will need a valid trading license (certificate of registration). This should not be older than 24 months.
  • Our Reseller team verifies your registration. Once the checks are successfully completed, we will send you a link and your personal access to our reseller portal and the associated reseller online shop.
  • Log in to our website to purchase your reseller package with the Getting Started training of your choice at a net price of € 90.76.
  • Following your purchase, you will receive a license for ecoDMS, one support unit, and the confirmation of your Getting Started webinar participation on the date of your choice.\n
  • After just a few days, the wholesale prices will be available for you in the online shop.
  • In the reseller portal you will find the reseller logo, advertising banners, product-related texts, screen shots and product logos, and more. A backlink to and detailed product information on your website will visually promote our collaboration to your customers.
  • Following your participation in the Getting Started training, we will publish your company name with full address in our area search (Reseller category).
  • Your personal ecoDMS GmbH reseller coordinator will help you with any further sales-related questions you may have.

Reseller Package

The package price is a one-time payable € 90.76 net plus VAT per company and includes:

  • Reseller Getting Started training (online)
  • ecoDMS Full Version (1 concurrent connection)
  • “Quick” support package
  • Wholesale prices in the online shop
  • Portal access
  • Entry in area search
  • Official ecoDMS reseller logo

Request registration

We are pleased that you would like to become a reseller. Please use the following form to submit your registration together with a valid trade license or an extract from the commercial register. Our reseller team will verify your registration. If your application is successful, we will send you a link and your personal access to our online shop. There you can purchase the required reseller package at a net price of 90.76 Euro and choose a date for your Getting Started Web Training attendance.
  • Please read our conditions of participation and the details about the reseller programme.
  • The completed application therefore does not oblige ecoDMS GmbH to accept the company as a reseller.


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