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ecoDMS Build 22.08 (burns) with Extended PDF Editor, Highlight Report, Scalable Preview Panel and Much More Available

The document management system ecoDMS build 22.08 is a new rolling release. The update includes an extended PDF editor, various new features, optimisations and bugfixes. The free and full versions of the software are available for download on the ecoDMS website.

The ecoDMS update focuses on editing archived PDF documents. To do so, ecoDMS GmbH has extended the scope of features for the integrated PDF editor.

Highlighting and Highlight Reports

PDF highlight tracking is a new feature in ecoDMS which allows the marking and selection of documents with highlight colours. Enabling this feature provides a new classification attribute that is is useful when searching for and editing documents.

You can now highlight text passages of a document in the PDF editor. Various highlight colours are available (red, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple). As an option, you can also add notes to a highlight colour. Next to the highlights and the notes, ecoDMS also automatically saves the user who highlighted the passage.

You can use the highlight colours to create filters and searches. You can also print out the highlight colours in form of a PDF test report and archive it in ecoDMS.

In addition, you can include documents with highlight colours when downloading (exporting).

Redacting Documents

Another highlight in build 22.08 is the new feature “Redact PDF”. Occasionally, parts of documents must be blacked out for certain purposes. Blacking out passages is important if, for example, you pass on documents to third parties. For internal use of the documents, the blacked out passages are removed. In the internal view the document is fully visible. In such cases you can use the “Redact PDF” feature in the preview pane of ecoDMS. Every time you save using the “Redact PDF” feature, ecoDMS creates a new entry in the “Redacted” Tab.

Edit Annotations

Use the PDF editor to apply user-defined annotations. These can include, for example, comments with individual text, images, timestamps or user information. This feature is often used for applying digital stamps which indicate, for example, “Document verified on [DATE] at [TIME] by [USERNAME]”. From build 22.08 onwards, all users with document and PDF editor permissions can remove, edit or add to the saved annotations.

Preview Pane in Focus

The preview pane is a separate pane in the ecoDMS client. It displays a (multi-page) preview of the selected document. If you want the document preview to be in focus, you can scale the preview window on your desktop and minimise the feature area below the document preview.

New Features for API REST Service

Developers using the ecoDMS API REST service can look forward to several new features in this update. The API has new calls for uploading and classifying documents in the inbox of ecoDMS. There are also additional API calls for user management All API features are described in detail in the online documentation.

This is an extract of the new scope of features ecoDMS build 22.08 offers. For the full changelog and more information and downloads, visit the ecoDMS website.