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ecoDMS Releases Latest Update Build 23.01 and Optimized WORKZ Add-on - The Perfect Combination for Efficient Document Management

ecoDMS GmbH presents the latest update for their leading document management system “ecoDMS”. Release build 23.01 offers multiple improvements and innovative features for making archiving and managing documents even easier and more effective.

A particular highlight of this update is the integration of the optimized WORKZ add-on. The optional WORKZ add-on for ecoDMS is intended for enterprises, who want to automate minor daily document processes for a low budget. By optimizing recurring document management tasks, the add-on offers valuable support.

The WORKZ add-on enables you to define processes in ecoDMS and automate routines for document acknowledgement and approval. A digital stamp documents which user executed which step on the document. Time-consuming, manual import processes are also a thing of the past, as the add-on enables automatic importing of all documents, files, and emails into ecoDMS.

The seamless integration of the WORKZ add-on into the ecoDMS system gives users full control over the WORKZ features straight in ecoDMS Client. The configuration of the add-on can be adapted to the individual requirements in the ecoDMS Settings.

Acknowledgements and approvals can be controlled and executed in ecoDMS Client, facilitating team collaboration. Users save precious time with the increased performance of the email and document import feature, which ensures seamless archiving of all data. The new stamp feature allows even faster and more precise document marking, further optimizing the workflow.

The date entry in the classification feature in ecoDMS has also been improved to further simplify workflows. Moreover, the response time of ecoDMS Server and Client has been improved. ecoDMS also contains the latest versions of postgreSQL and QT, making the software even more reliable and increasing performance.

With ecoDMS update build 23.01 and the WORKZ add-on, the company from Aachen offers customers efficient document management. The new components are available now for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, and macOS.

Existing ecoDMS users with valid update term can download the update for free and, as an option, purchase the WORKZ add-on to level up their document management solution.

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