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ecoDMS presents cross-platform software for efficient document management and automated workflows

ecoDMS GmbH offers innovative software solutions for convenient document management and workflow optimization. For office, home office, or when on the move - the cross-platform solutions from ecoDMS make document management as easy as pie and quickly automate processes. Fair prices and user-friendly handling make it possible for everyone to use.

The ecoDMS document management system enables you to scan, archive, classify, manage, and quickly retrieve all documents. Users can access important documents such as invoices, contracts, delivery notes, and warranty documents from wherever they may be. The software offers an intuitive user interface and intelligent search features to optimize work processes.

WORKZ is a powerful add-on for the ecoDMS document management system. It enables the automated execution of tasks to further optimize document management. Users can use the WORKZ add-on to define processes, automate document and email import, and routinely automate acknowledgement and approval processes.

The automatic email archiving solution ecoMAILZ ensures that communication is clear and efficient. All incoming and outgoing emails are automatically archived and can be retrieved effortlessly. Be it in the office or on the go - important messages are always accessible and saved in a legally compliant archive.

The combination of email archiving and document management enables a holistic view of all relevant information. A plugin simply merges the two software solutions. All documents are managed from one user interface.

ecoWorkflow is used to automate all business processes without requiring programming knowledge. The open workflow system enables businesses to optimize their processes and save time and money. The workflows can be customized to suit the requirements of a company.

In summary, the combination of document management system, workflow automation, and email archiving enables efficient and secure document and data management, which leads to improved productivity, collaboration, and conformity. The systems offer a secure and audit-proof environment for the storage of confidential information. Access privileges and encryption technologies ensure the protection of sensitive data from unauthorized access.

The ecoDMS software, including the WORKZ add-on and ecoMAILZ, is available as free trial version on the ecoDMS website. This offer is non-binding.

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