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We are pleased to announce the release of ecoDMS build 23.02. This version has an impressive list of improvements and new features, which will increase the efficiency and functionality of the document management system. This includes more efficient incoming email processing in the inbox, the enhancement of custom highlight reports, a zoom and scroll feature, and the automated dispatch of workflow-related emails when using the WORKZ add-on.

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Efficient document management in the inbox

Archiving scanned documents has become easier with build 23.02. New inbox features streamline and optimize incoming email processing:
  • The ecoDMS inbox allows multiple page selection. In the detailed view, the user always sees the page that was last selected.
  • It is also possible to select several pages in a document and move them to a different position.
  • Another new feature reverses the page order in a document. If, for example, a document is scanned starting with the last page, clicking a button in the inbox inverts the order.
  • Moreover, multi-page documents can be split into individual pages and archived consecutively in the document management system.
  • If a document is split or split into individual pages, the classification of the original document applies. This, however, can also be changed.

Consistent zoom and scroll features

  • The update introduces consistent zoom and scroll features to optimize the usability of the system’s document views.
  • For example, it is now possible to use the mouse to zoom in and out of the document preview.

PDF editor settings

The PDF editor in ecoDMS allows users to edit PDF documents archived in ecoDMS. Previously, users had to leaf through multi-page documents manually by selecting each page with a mouse-click.
  • Now users can scroll down to leaf through multi-page documents.
  • The continuation mode is enabled by default in the PDF editor, and stores the last set value for each user and client installation.

Extended user profiles for WORKZ add-on

Use the optional WORKZ add-on to define processes in ecoDMS and automate recurring routines, such as document acknowledgement and approval. It is therefore ideal for businesses that require a low-cost solution for automating small document processes for their daily office routines.
  • The User Settings, when using the WORKZ add-on, contain a new, optional email address field for ecoDMS users and LDAP/AD profiles.
  • Responsible users receive email notifications for acknowledgements and approvals and custom notification settings for roles.
  • This immensely facilitates document processing in the team.
  • All responsible users are always up-to-date about internal document processes.
This is only an extract of the innovations and optimizations in the document management system. Update 23.02 is available for free to all ecoDMS users with a valid update period. Benefit from all the new features and improvements of this update. Install your personal ecoDMS and benefit from the advantages of one central, audit-proof document and data storage.
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