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11.2016: c’t 2016, Issue 23 by Hans-Peter Schüler: Software test of ecoDMS and other archiving solutions.

At a one-off price of 69 Euro per licence, ecoDMS is ideal for a large spectrum of target groups. The low sales price allows the use of a professional archiving solution for small enterprises and even private individuals. An affordable licence is also one of the focal issues in this c't test.

The client-server technology of ecoDMS Archive is highlighted as being a particular strength of ecoDMS. Schüler writes: "[...]ecoDMS is better prepared for application in a corporate network with several operating systems than any of the other test candidates. Nevertheless, this beginner-friendly multi-user system can be used for free in the family environment.[...]"

The ability to store different file versions, the integration of an automatic full-text indexing (OCR) function, the availability of a revision-secure delete function, database storage, simultaneous accessibility by several users, the possibility of archiving emails and Office files directly via plugin, the flexibility of the setup function and the operability, a comprehensive Free4Three version and comprehensive user documentation are all positive features of ecoDMS highlighted in the test.

In the total rating, ecoDMS achieved "4 x good" and "1x very good" (very good being the best possible rating). For scope of functions, operability, text recognition and archiving it received the rating of "good". The ecoDMS documentation receives a "very good" rating.

Download the full software test in PDF format below for free. ecoDMS has purchased a licence to offer the software test for download (download is available until 11/2017). Any form of commercial use and/or distribution to third parties requires the explicit agreement of the author (Copyright: c't, Hans-Peter Schüler, Heise Medien GmbH & Co KG).

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