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The brand new ecoDMS has arrived. Brimming with intuitive features and a new, modern user interface, the software offers a host of optimisations that take document management to a new level.

User-friendly, intuitive interface
The ecoDMS user interface shines in an entirely new splendour. The software now has two different layouts for the document overview. Users can choose between the modern view of all documents in form of cards and the conventional table list. The new card view displays all archived documents in a compact and clear way together with an immediate preview and all available document information.

All documents with preview at a glance
Each document card contains a document preview (PDF), the essential classification information, an overview of past activities, a compact selection of document-related functions, viewing, editing and creating notes, and the convenient version control.

Best results with simple search functions
To find archived documents and information, ecoDMS has various search and filter options.

Recurring search queries can now be saved as favourites. Clicking a favourite starts the search according to saved criteria and displays the search results.

By default, favourites are saved for personal use. Administrators can also create and save global search queries. These can be shared with specific users or groups. For quick and easy access, the favourites are located next to the document output. All it takes is a mouse-click and the matching results display.

The Advanced Search allows users to enter several different values in a search query. These include all available classification attributes and the full-text search. The search criteria are now displayed in modern chips, compact and easy to understand.

Searching for documents with ecoDMS is as easy as googling. The full-text search in ecoDMS uses search terms to execute a quick search through the contents, metadata, classification attributes and notes of the archived documents. Users simply need to enter search terms in the search box and ecoDMS starts searching through all archived files and information - within seconds. The matching results immediately display.

Intuitive archiving functions
The new clipboard tab allows users to collect archived documents in a kind of virtual folder. Each user can create several clipboards and fill them with documents. As an option, users can also share a clipboard with other users and groups. Moreover, users can export the collected documents and send them by email.

ecoDMS logs any changes to the classification and the assignment of documents. User actions, such as opening, sending, and exporting documents, are also documented. This makes the processing and archiving steps traceable at any time. ecoDMS logs every event with date, time and username. The new activity overview summarises essential information in an easy-to-read format.

The web client allows users to access ecoDMS through a web browser from a computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet regardless of platform and location. This modern client-server technology allows, for example, the secure, fast and simple integration of ecoDMS in the home office. With just a few mouse-clicks, ecoDMS is ready to use in the home office.

Modern digitalization - quicker than ever before
Interactive digitalisation, archiving and management of all documents becomes even more convenient with the new action elements and the practical new design. The acceleration and optimisation of ecoDMS background processes makes modern digitalisation faster than ever before.

Great software for little money with a unique license fee guarantee
ecoDMS is known for fair and particularly affordable prices. With the new ecoDMS, the Aachen-based company is now raising the game. Customers can purchase all updates within a 48-month period with one license. When purchasing a license, customers can now choose the renewal period. The optimised licensing model provides long-term planning security and regularly supplies customers with functional enhancements and improvements free of charge for the duration of the selected period. The purchased software license remains permanent, regardless of the renewal period. A license therefore never expires. Uploading updates, however, is restricted after the expiry of the renewal period.

A new initial license with a renewal period of 24 months continues to cost a one-time fee of € 89 incl. 19% VAT per concurrent connection. The 48 month-period makes the price even cheaper in relation. Here, customers pay only € 159 incl. 19% VAT per concurrent connection. The lifetime license fee guarantee offers a consistent and fair license fee. For existing customers, the license fee when upgrading from ecoDMS version 18.09 to the new ecoDMS is based on the lifetime license fee guarantee that applies to the license.

This is a small extract of all the possibilities ecoDMS offers. A free trial version of ecoDMS is available for download at It allows free testing for a period of 30 days without obligations. For private users, the software is free in the Free4Three edition with restricted functionality.

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Important Upgrade Information
Please create a clean, full backup before each upgrade/update and read the new system requirements. You will find a detailed installation guide and manuals for ecoDMS on our website for free download. Please read the upgrade information for your operating system in the installation guide!

Important Note about PDF/A Printer Upgrade under Windows: If you have an earlier version of the PDF/A printer (including ecoDMS version 18.09), please note / execute the following:
1. Earlier ecoDMS printers must be uninstalled before an upgrade
2. Following uninstallation, check in the system control panel under printers and devices (der Win 10 Pfad lautet: System > Devices > Printers and Scanners; der alte Windows Pfad lautet Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers), that all ecoDMS printers have been removed. If not, please right-click a printer and select “Remove Device”.
3. Then you can install the PDF/A Printer of the new ecoDMS version.
Note: Once you have installed the new printer of the ecoDMS version, you can simply update new printer versions in the new ecoDMS version.

Information for All Users of ecoDMS Version 16.09 (eleanor)
Please note that the lifecycle for ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor) has now expired and users are no longer entitled to support and software maintenance for this earlier version. Licenses for the ecoDMS predecessor version 16.09 (eleanor) naturally remain permanently valid and can also continue to be used with the corresponding ecoDMS software version!


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