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ecoDMS GmbH from Aachen today published a new video tutorial about the document management system ecoDMS (burns) on the official YouTube channel. It demonstrates settings for classifying and naming documents in ecoDMS. The video is available for free on the ecoDMS YouTube channel:

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ecoDMS is an easy-to-use, comprehensive tool for digitising, archiving, sharing, managing and finding all documents on your PC, smart phone and tablet. ecoDMS saves a lot of time and money in day-to-day document storage, information retrieval and file processing.

The software can be configured to suit individual requirements. The integrated Settings dialogue offers a wide range of configuration options. A user with administrator permissions can access the Settings dialogue directly through the user interface.

ecoDMS simplifies and clarifies structures: Entries such as incoming and outgoing invoices, delivery notes, contracts, and payroll are created once as a document type and not multiple times as subfolder for each folder. Document types are helpful when assigning documents and make them easier to retrieve. The video explains the set-up and benefits of document types.

The following explains how to create a folder structure. The video shows how to optimally customise structures and add keys and keywords to folders.

Not every folder should be available to everyone. Therefore, separate permissions can be granted for individual folders if required. Such folders and their assigned documents are then only accessible for authorised users. For all others, the folders and their contents are not visible. The video explains this setting in more detail.

Three document statuses are included in ecoDMS by default. They provide information about the processing status of a document. In addition, a status can serve as a trigger for a document workflow. If, for example, a document is assigned the "To Do” status and then passed on to a user group or person, the document signals to the responsible staff member recognises that the document needs to be processed. Once the document has been processed, the status can be set to "Done", for example. The video explains the settings in more detail.

The next step is to create custom classification attributes. In addition to document type, folder and status, additional attributes can be created and customised: Free-text fields, combo boxes, check boxes, date fields and numeric fields. The video gives a more detailed description on how to create these attributes.

ecoDMS has various functions for downloading and sharing documents. For example, the assignment of meaningful file names. The taxonomy of a file name uses ecoDMS classification information and custom text fields. The information simply needs to be put in the desired order. The file name may, for example, contain the archiving date, document type, folder name, DocID and a text you define. The video shows how to assign global file names.

This and much more information about the document management system is available at


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