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ecoDMS GmbH has released a new, free video tutorial about the ecoDMS document management system. It explains the various search and filter functions.  The video is now available on the official YouTube channel of the Aachen-based company.

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ecoDMS is an easy-to-use, comprehensive tool for digitising, archiving, sharing, managing and finding all documents on your PC, smart phone and tablet. It helps you find all archived documents and information as simply as googling. The document management system contains many intelligent search and filter functions. Recurring search queries can be stored as favorites.

ecoDMS has a modern OCR for automatic text recognition. This function automatically executes in the background for all readable documents. ecoDMS indexes all text information and metadata of the archived files. If the files are not readable formats, such as image files (JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc), ecoDMS automatically converts them into readable PDFs and indexes their contents.

As ecoDMS automatically reads all archived documents, users can start a quick full-text search of the contents, metadata, classifications and notes using search terms. All they need to do is enter the appropriate search terms in ecoDMS. The software also recognises numerous search operators, such as the asterisk, question mark or tilde character. In addition, all available content and attributes can be used individually or in combination to search for documents.

Another interesting search function is the integrated shortcut search. Users can store a personal shortcut in the ecoDMS Connection Manager and start a full-text search from any external application. All they need to do is highlight the desired search terms in, for example, a customer or merchandise management system, an email client or on any website and enter the stored shortcut. ecoDMS then automatically starts the full-text search in the document management system and immediately displays the matching search results.

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