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The year has flown by quickly and Christmas and the turn of the year are already just around the corner. Looking back, 2021 was a thoroughly successful fiscal year for ecoDMS GmbH. Particular highlights were the publication of the new licensing model and the associated rolling releases for the ecoDMS document management system. In addition, ecoDMS has been able to win over more than 150 new resellers, of which nearly half have completed further training to become trained Qualified Premium Resellers.

Digitalisation and Online Presence
The topics "digitalisation" and "online presence" have become even more important because the Corona pandemic continues to determine people's lives in many parts. This is why the entire applord Group, of which ecoDMS GmbH is a part, has further expanded the existing online concept for consulting, presentation, training, and the maintenance of in-house software products. In doing so, the Aachen-based company relied on the use of modern augmented reality (AR) technologies with voice-controlled smart glasses.

ecoDMS (burns) on the Road to Success
With ecoDMS (burns), ecoDMS GmbH has broken new ground in terms of "digitisation and archiving" in 2021. The ecoDMS license model (burns) and the associated rolling releases have received a very positive response from customers. For the duration of the selected period, ecoDMS GmbH repeatedly provides users with new, free software updates. In contrast to the old licensing model, these can contain brand new features in addition to improvements, updates and bug fixes. The choice of the update period offers long-term planning security. Thousands of ecoDMS customers have purchased ecoDMS (burns) and/or upgraded the existing version to the latest release in 2021. The upward trend is continuing.

Two updates of the ecoDMS software, build 21.02 and 21.06, have already been released in the past few months. Brimming with intuitive features and a new, modern user interface, the software offers a host of optimisations that take document management to a new level. And the next update is already waiting to be released. For further development, ecoDMS GmbH relies on artificial intelligence. This AI technology will be continually integrated in ecoDMS. The next ecoDMS update already sports the first results. The exact release date will be announced shortly.

Software Hosted in the Data Centre
The Aachen-based company offered yet another highlight in 2021, providing the document management system for resellers as a hosted version in the data centre. This means that instances of the DMS software can be made available to end customers at the touch of a button. This solution is already being employed successfully by the first customers.

applord Group Growth
The headcount of the entire applord group has also increased. Over the course of the year, the number of employees increased by 15 per cent. In addition, ecoDMS has realigned the project business for medium-sized companies and launched an ecoWorkflow solution customised for this target group. ecoWorkflow enables you to automate all processes quickly and easily without programming knowledge. This modern workflow solution allows you to simply model processes graphically and to configure the associated user interfaces individually.

Donation for Flood Victims
2021 has also been a turbulent year for the Aachen region, where ecoDMS GmbH is based. Besides Corona, a terrible flood disaster hit the region in the middle of the year. The aftermath of this disaster can still be felt today and will continue to affect people in the new year. The applord group has therefore donated €10,000 to the flood victims.

Outlook for 2022
The Aachener company has big plans for 2022. In addition to new software releases of the ecoDMS document management system and the ecoMAILZ software for automatic e-mail archiving, several campaigns and surprises are in planning. The focus of further development is, among other things, artificial intelligence technology. The "cloud" topic will also be explored in greater depth for the software products. Further expansion is also planned in terms of "staff". New apprenticeships for the employees of the future are on the agenda. Everything remains exciting!

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