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Today it is a matter of course that photos, films and music are archived and used digitally. For many documents and records, however, this is not the case. By using the ecoDMS archiving solution, users can make an important step towards the "paperless office".

The ecoDMS document management system is a software for long-term secure storage of any type of files, documents and information in a central digital archive. The principle behind ecoDMS is really easy: All paper documents are scanned with any type of scanner while all other files are usually already available in digital form. They can easily be dragged and dropped into the DMS. Once they are archived, the paper documents are secure in the long-term archiving format PDF/A, together with the other files in the ecoDMS archive. All data is stored in a postgreSQL database. This forms an integral part of the archiving system and is automatically setup during installation. ecoDMS is a client-server system. The great thing is that the software components and the database, including all archived documents and settings, are located on site at the customer, and not on third-party servers on the web or at ecoDMS GmbH.

The content of every readable file is automatically analysed by the system and full-text indexed. This makes retrieving documents a piece of cake. Searching for documents with ecoDMS is as easy as googling: Entering search criteria and viewing the search results directly on your screen. You no longer need to search laboriously through records or on your hard disc. Next to the automatically generated full-text information, ecoDMS offers a classification dialogue box. Classification is a type of "link" between the document and the archive. Here users can enter the virtual target folder in ecoDMS, the document type, status, responsibilities and much more information (metadata) for each file they archive. Through assigning these details, the documents can be stored systematically with many details, ensuring that they can be located quickly without necessarily requiring a full-text search. To ensure secure access to the system and the documents and folders it contains, each user can be assigned access data with respective permissions.

ecoDMS is without doubt the most popular, modern and fastest archiving system on the German-speaking market. Several thousand companies and private users are already successfully employing this document management system. The quick installation process and the easy application, unrivalled value for money, platform independence and versatility of this software make ecoDMS the ideal archiving solution for everyone.

A licence is available at only 41.18 Euros net per user and covers full functionality. The software is designed to allow saving documents and data from virtually all applications. If, for example, users want to save letters, tables or e-mails, the ecoDMS Office plugin is the perfect solution. The plugin can be used for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. For Calc, Writer, Draw and Impress from the LibreOffice and OpenOffice group, there is also an add-on available for ecoDMS. E-mails from Thunderbird with their attachments are quickly archived with the add-on. The virtual PDF/​A printer from ecoDMS enables easy archiving of documents from printable applications, such as picture and graphic programmes, inventory management systems and many more as a PDF-​A document. The PDF/A printer is a printer driver dedicated to archiving documents in ecoDMS. It forms the interface to external programmes and then allows quick and prompt document archiving. Moreover, a simple click on the print function of the respective programme saves the files directly in the appropriate folder and for the right person. The ecoDMS printer can also perform so-called dark processes. When using the ecoDMS printer, users can archive the documents together with the matching classification information in ecoDMS, without having to do anything.

An interface is available if users want to create their own scripts for customisation. The ecoDMS API Rest Service allows users to connect any third-party system. Users can thus connect CRM or ERP systems or other external programmes by programming the interface.

The ecoDMS archive is available from the user's own PC, from the web or via app. Users can directly access their data from their own PC or laptop via the desktop clients. Moreover, the mobile apps for smart phones and tablets enable access from outside. A web-based user interface also forms an integral part of this modern DMS solution. The licence price of the ecoDMS full version covers all components.

Conclusion: ecoDMS is the ideal software for those looking for a central archiving system for all records and files. Of course, using a DMS solution does not mean the end of paper. Paper will continue to exist. A DMS solution, however, means time-saving when filing, managing and retrieving archived records. Users interested in the ecoDMS document management system can test the software for free for 30 days. Private users can even use ecoDMS for free. The software components, training videos and much more information is available for free at The full version licence can also be purchased from the online shop.

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