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The document management system ecoDMS is a platform-independent archiving solution for scanning, archiving, managing and retrieving documents. Platform independence, intelligence, scalability, user-friendliness, flexibility and fair pricing are distinguishing features of ecoDMS.

ecoDMS includes all common functions of an archiving software. Full-text indexing, various search functions, plugins for Office and e-mail programmes, a PDF/A printer, user and group management including Active Directory / LDAP interface, version management, incoming e-mail programme ecoICE with scanning function and automatic classification and archiving of documents are part of the scope of ecoDMS.

ecoDMS is easy to operate and can be installed across platforms. The software is available for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and MacOS: Moreover, dedicated server versions are available for Raspberry Pi 2 and Docker. The latest ecoDMS version also supports the Network Attached Storages (NAS), which provide a virtualization of containers, from Synology and QNAP. For all mobile technology and communication enthusiasts, there are also apps for Android and IOS smart phones and tablets, as well as a web client for the internet browser.

ecoDMS offers virtually unlimited access to the archived documents. This is enabled by the cutting edge technology of the ecoDMS server. The server is not a piece of hardware, but a software component. The ecoDMS server creates a secure cloud solution in its own network. The documents are archived securely in the ecoDMS postgreSQL database, as opposed to being located on other servers or on your file system, where they can easily be manipulated! The ecoDMS archive is accessible from the user's own PC, from the web or via app.

The pricing model and state-of-the-art technology allows its application by private users, small and medium-sized companies, and even in large corporations. The full version is available in the ecoDMS online shop for 49 Euros gross per licence. Private users can use the Free4Three version with limited functionality for free for an unlimited period of time. The software, free training videos, comprehensive information material and licences are available at

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ecoDMS GmbH offers first class software for digitizing, archiving, managing and automating documents, files, emails, information and much more.

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