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ecoDMS GmbH based in Aachen, Germany, offers a homonymous archiving system called ecoDMS for scanning, archiving and managing any types of files and documents. The IT company builds on state-of-the-art technologies, fair pricing and user-friendly handling. At the same time, the client-server system fulfils all requirements for long-term revision-secure document archiving.

This is why ecoDMS is well-established on the software market. Thousands of private users and corporate customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have already been using ecoDMS successfully for a long time. At the affordable purchasing price of 69 Euro incl. 19% VAT per simultaneous connection, ecoDMS is the lowest-cost archiving system of all times. The licence fee is paid only once and comprises the entire archiving system, including automatic full-text indexing and all Office and mail plugins. ecoDMS securely saves all documents and information in a database. Moreover, the software uses a modern container storage system. All necessary components, including the database, are installed on site at the customer. Following the installation, users can quickly access the archive. With just a few mouse clicks, ecoDMS displays the required documents. Searching for documents is as easy as googling.

Through the integrated version management, Office files, for example, can be edited after they have been stored and then saved as a new version. All versions are secured with a timestamp and a user name, and can be restored if required.

The revision-secure document history allows the responsible roles to always keep an overview of each document activity. The "History" function displays all user activities and classifications.

Those using ecoDMS can archive any data type, such as PDF, Office files, emails, images, music, agreements, invoices, account statements, delivery notes, and much more. Of course, this also applies to paper documents. With the appropriate document scanner, incoming mail documents are scanned and then easily archived via the ecoDMS inbox. Moreover, the full version contains plugins for standard Office and email programmes.

The classification processes, that is assignment, and document archiving can be set up individually and flexibly. There is also an option to completely automate the archiving and classification process using a template designer. The ecoDMS software recognises the incoming documents and executes the necessary steps automatically.

Backing up data with ecoDMS is also child’s play. The archiving system contains different backup and restore functions. They allow making secure and user-friendly backups of the document archive.

A very convenient asset is that ecoDMS can be used on all platforms and on smart phones and tablets. The software is available for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian, Docker with Synology and QNAP NAS support, MacOS, Android and iOS.

This is only a very small extract of all the exciting possibilities ecoDMS offers. At the ecoDMS website the software is available for free download. Users can test the archive for the first 30 days in a demo version. Following this test phase, ecoDMS automatically changes into the Free4Three version. The Free4Three version has restricted functionality but can be used for free for private purposes. The full version is activated with a valid licence code. You can conveniently purchase the licence in the manufacturer's online shop.

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