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The Aachen-based ecoDMS Software GmbH stands for modern and innovative software solutions for legally compliant archiving. The main selling points of ecoDMS products are their user-friendly interface, cross-platform application, comprehensive functionality and fair pricing.

ecoDMS Document Management

With its homonymous document archive ecoDMS, the IT company has been highly successful over many years. ecoDMS Archive is the ideal software for scanning, archiving, managing and retrieving any type of document and information. Invoices, offers, delivery notes, agreements, emails, images, drawings or PDFs: ecoDMS offers secure, long-term storage for all documents and information. The software is ideal for businesses of all sizes and industries. Moreover, the contents and pricing also make it a perfect tool for private users.

To ensure compliance with the current guidelines for the generally accepted principles of computerised accounting systems, the software with its modern client-server technology, document history function and professional user and group management fulfils the technical requirements for audit-proof archiving.

The system is quick to install and easy to operate. ecoDMS Archive has all functions that are expected of an archiving system: Incoming e-mail processing of scanned documents, convenient storage of all digital files using drag & drop, various plugins for Office and email programmes. ecoDMS leaves nothing to be desired.

The integrated full-text search makes retrieving archived files childsplay. The system automatically full-text indexes all readable information. With the appropriate search terms, documents are retrievable within seconds. The documents can be viewed directly in a PDF preview window of the ecoDMS client.

The ecoDMS software is available for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, MacOS, Docker, including support for Synology and QNAP, Raspbian, Android and iOS. This allows virtually limitless document access from any location.

ecoMAILZ eMail Management

As of summer 2017, ecoDMS GmbH will up the ante once again. In times of digitalisation, email archiving is becoming increasingly important. In the light of recent events, ecoDMS is releasing its new software ecoMAILZ for legally compliant email archiving. ecoMAILZ extends the portfolio of the Aachen software company with another indispensable archiving solution.

ecoMAILZ receives incoming and outgoing emails directly from the server and automatically archives them. The software fulfils the technical requirements for legally compliant, audit-proof archiving of emails. When developing ecoMAILZ, ecoDMS GmbH ensured from the beginning that it was implemented according to the generally accepted principles of computerised accounting systems.

ecoMAILZ allows users to import existing emails from any chosen point in time, as well as to easily switch from other email archiving systems to ecoMAILZ. The programme archives all emails and their attachments in compliance with auditing and legal requirements. Of course, you can also archive older emails retroactively. The two-step archiving concept opens up entirely new options for email archiving and securing privacy.

The pricing of ecoMAILZ will be unique, just like ecoDMS. The low-price licensing model will also apply for this software. ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ are expected to merge in future.

The release of ecoMAILZ is planned for summer 2017. ecoDMS will announce the exact release date in due time on its website.

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