How to Become a Reseller

Adding Value to Your Own Solutions and Services

Supplement your portfolio with our premium archiving and workflow systems.

  • Use our products to add value to your own solutions and services.
  • More than 250 companies from the D-A-CH region have already successfully completed certification training as Qualified Premium Resellers.
  • Offer your customers professional software for optimising business processes and for digitalising, archiving and managing all documents, files and emails.
  • Grow your customer base and receive the official reseller logo of ecoDMS GmbH as a quality seal.
applord ACADEMY
applord ACADEMY offers a broad range of instructive courses and services which can enable you and your company to go even further. The teaching programme addresses beginners as well as advanced users, salespeople, developers and administrators.

Our Reseller Programmes

  • applord ACADEMY: Due to the current Corona virus legislation, our training courses will only take place online.
As a registered reseller, you buy our products at wholesale prices. The reseller package contains a Getting Started Web Training and ecoDMS license and support. Register now.
As a certified reseller, you are the prime contact for our customers in your area. You will benefit from a two-day online certificate training course, an ecoDMS NFR license incl. ecoWORKZ, support, customer protection, wholesale prices and much more. Register now!
Be part of the world of workflow specialists if you are an IT services provider. We offer this certification exclusively to Qualified Premium Resellers.