Silver Support

Purchase a support package with nine 15-minute units.
Price: 167.23 EUR (Brutto: 199.00 EUR)
Includes: 9 units of 15 min.
Details: Software support via phone, remote service (TeamViewer) and email straight from the manufacturer
Duration Time: 12 months from delivery of support package, No automatic renewal
Notice: One service unit lasts 15 minutes. For every additional quarter of an hour, one unit is taken away from the package obtained., The package terminates automatically after all the purchased units have been consumed, or after the 12 mounths elapses.
19 % TAX

Contract Data Processing Agreement

Remote maintenance only with support package! To comply with the data protection provisions, particularly the General Data Protection Regulation, it is mandatory to enter a CDP agreement when purchasing a support package.

Remote Maintenance

Via remote session we can quickly address existing issues and offer support directly on your PC. Therefore, please start the programme TeamViewer before you call.