Digital Archiving Systems and Process Automation

The high scalability and flexible configuration of our software has been convincing numerous organizations and corporate customers for many years.
Document Management System
ecoDMS Archive

ecoDMS Archive

89,- incl. 19% VAT
one-time payment, per simultaneous connection

  • Unlimited license period
  • Full functionality
  • Complies with GDPR & GoBD*
  • Client-server system (without Cloud)
  • Server and user interface
  • Office Plug-ins
  • Thunderbird & Outlook Plug-ins
  • Virtual PDF/A printer
  • Automatic full-text indexing (OCR)
  • Computer, smart phone, tablet
  • and much more
ecoDMS Plug-in


99,- inkl. 19% MwSt.
einmalig, pro ecoDMS Server

  • Zeitlich unbeschränkt gültige Lizenz
  • Gültig zur ecoDMS-Lizenz
  • ecoWORKZ-Plug-in
  • Chat (Video, Audio, Text)
  • Kenntnisnahme
  • Dokumentenfreigabe
  • Dokumentation via Stempel
  • E-Mail Importer
  • Datei Importer
  • Einrichtungsassistent
  • uvm.
Email Archiving


59,- incl. 19% VAT
one-time payment, per user

  • Unlimited license period
  • Incl. 24-month update service
  • Automatic email archiving
  • Complies with GDPR & GoBD*
  • For all current email servers
  • Archiving emails and attachments
  • Integrated full-text search
  • Plugin for ecoDMS Archive
  • Cross-platform web client
  • Computer, smart phone, tablet
  • and much more
*German Generally Accepted Principals of Computerised Accounting Systems

Comprehensive Solution with Planning Security

Our full archiving solution offers guaranteed planning security with fixed annual support fees and all available version updates.
Comprehensive Solution


250,- net plus VAT
one-time, per license, plus software maintenance

  • ecoDMS + ecoMAILZ + Support
  • Unlimited API access
  • Upgrades included
  • Free NFR licenses
  • One-time license fees
  • Annual predictable software maintenance
  • Long-term planning security
  • From 5 licenses and more
  • Exclusively for businesses
  • and much more

All-inclusive service for business people. The ecoDMS One solution focuses on business clients. Entrepreneurs in particular like to make long-term plans and value an all-inclusive service. This is why they prefer purchasing software that already includes support and update service. The ecoDMS One package offers just that!

  • Guaranteed planning security
  • with fixed annual support costs
  • and all available version updates.

This professional, low-cost and comprehensive archiving solution comprises ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ licenses, API connects, support and software maintenance, including update service for the entire license term. The solution is sold via the conventional sales department with annual invoicing.

Our Fee-Based Support Offer

Direct manufacturer support. Simply book a support package in the shop and redeem the prepaid units for phone or email support.
We offer our knowledge through educational online presentations, where we present selected topics online on your computer.
In our interactive online workshops, we share valuable knowledge about working with our archiving system.

Our Free Service Offers

Our YouTube videos offer the ideal introduction to the software. They serve as a guideline and explanation on how to set up and use our products.
Find answers to frequently asked questions about our products and services in our knowledge database.
Our PDF documentation gives a detailed explanation of the installation, setup and use of our software.

Our Product Range

In the digital world and the related directives concerning the storage of files, emails, documents and information, an electronic archive is becoming increasingly important. ecoDMS GmbH offers first class archiving software for all at particularly fair conditions.
Document Management System
Audit-compliant archive for scanning, archiving, managing and retrieving all data and documents.
Automating processes in ecoDMS
Plug-in zur dokumentenbasierten Zusammenarbeit und Automatisierung von Archivierungsvorgängen im ecoDMS Archiv.
Email Archiving
Automatic and legally compliant archiving of all inbound and outbound emails including attachments.
Automating business processes
Open workflow system for optimising, customising and automating all business processes.

Solutions for Target Groups

Thousands of small, medium-sized and large businesses from different types of industries and numerous private users are convinced of the scalability, platform independence and value-for-money our software and services offer.
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