Auditing-compliant archiving

Quick, Easy and Secure Digitalization and Archiving of all Files

  • ecoDMS is an easy-to-use, comprehensive tool for digitising, archiving, sharing, managing and finding all documents on your PC, smart phone and tablet.
  • ecoDMS saves a lot of time and money in day-to-day document storage, information retrieval and file processing.
  • The software offers a large range of features like automatic archiving and backup, filter and search functions (incl. full-text search), emailing, version management, notes, and much more.
  • The lifetime license fee guarantee offers a consistent and very fair license fee.
User-friendly software for archiving, managing, and finding all documents and information on your PC or from your smart phone and tablet.
  • Central archiving of all
    documents, emails, files, and data
  • Quick retrieval with full-text search
  • Legally compliant (GoBD, DSGVO)
  • Desktop and web client
  • PC, smart phone, tablet
  • Windows, Linux, NAS, MacOS
from 89.00 EUR incl. 19% VAT
  • one-time purchasing price for 1 concurrent connection
  • Select Private or Business Edition
  • incl. 24-month update period

Document Management System - Details

Use this state-of-the-art software to quickly and easily archive, manage, and find all documents and information from your PC or from your smart phone and tablet.
ecoDMS offers full functionality at a low price. Practical, easy to understand functions and flexible settings are the software’s main features.
Legally compliant archiving according to the Generally Accepted Principles of Computerised Accounting Systems, GDPdU, and GDPR.
ecoDMS is the optimal software for companies of all sizes and industries and is also ideal for private users.

Prices and Technical Software Insights

Hier stehen die Mindestanforderungen an Hardware und Betriebssystem, die erfüllt sein müssen, damit ecoDMS installiert und genutzt werden kann.
ecoDMS is a software for archiving and managing documents. You can use it to archive, manage and retrieve paper-based and digital documents. This page contains a short introduction to working with ecoDMS.
License ecoDMS from a one-time price of € 89.00 incl. 19% VAT per concurrent connection with a 24-month update period. The lifetime license fee guarantee offers you a consistent and very fair license fee.
Install ecoDMS locally, in a network, as SaaS solution or on an NAS and access it platform and location independent via desktop and web client.

More Product Recommendations

ecoDMS is a cross-platform and fully scalable client-server system. The software is configurable and can be connected and extended with other components.
Email Archiving - Automated -
Software for automatic and secure archving of all incoming and outgoing emails and their attachments.
  • Automatic archiving
    of all emails including attachments
  • Quick retrieval with text recognition
  • Mail inbox and mail outbox
  • Legally compliant (GoBD, DSGVO)
  • Web client
  • PC, smart phone, tablet
  • Windows, Linux, NAS
just 69.00 EUR incl. 19% VAT
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per user
  • incl. 24-month update period
The ecoDMS API of the ecoDMS document management system is a REST Service interface which developers can use to develop their customizations or integrations.
  • REST Service interface for programmers
  • Connect ecoDMS to third-party systems
    e.g. CRM, merchandise management, etc
  • API Rest Service
  • Create customized functions
  • Access basic DMS server functions
from 0.36 EUR incl. 19% VAT
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per monthly upload / download
  • ecoDMS Full Version license number is prerequisite

Our Specials Exclusively for Your Business

A software for automatic email and document import, and for automating processes in ecoDMS.
  • Workflow light: Acknowledgement & Approval
    of documents like invoices, management analyses, etc
  • File import to ecoDMS
  • Email import to ecoDMS
  • Integration in ecoDMS desktop client
just 83.19 EUR net
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per ecoDMS license number

Full Package including Software, Updates + Support
The full package for businesses and corporations offers optimum planning security. ecoDMS ONE includes licenses, support, and software maintenance for ecoDMS, ecoWORKZ, ecoMAILZ, and ecoDMS API.
  • Guaranteed planning security
  • Full package including the software
    ecoDMS, ecoWORKZ, ecoMAILZ, ecoDMS API
  • Software maintenance
  • Manufacturer support
  • Updates for all included software applications
just 250.00 EUR net
  • one-time purchasing price per license
  • price plus annual software maintenance
  • exclusively for business customers
Open workflow system for optimizing, customizing and automating all business processes.
  • Open, customizable workflow system
  • Business process automation
  • Web-based and cross-platform
    for PC, smart phone, tablet
  • Customizedmodelling and configuration
  • Connects to all systems
from 108.00 EUR net
  • price per month
  • plus service costs
  • ecoDMS ONE as a prerequisite
  • exclusively for business customers
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